Avant place – placement test – french test

Avant place - placement test - french test of course


The Avant PLACE test is really a web-based assessment that gives schools using the data to put students into appropriate classes. With results that precisely represent your abilities you'll have a better possibility of being put into a category level where you'll be effective.

  • The Avant PLACE test could be taken online anywhere, anytime
  • Test products derive from real-world, every-day situations
  • The Avant PLACE test measures an evaluation taker’s language ability based on Benchmark Levels that derive from national standards

Test Taker Steps:

  1. Off-Site Technology Preparation

If using the test off-site, you have the effect of making certain the readiness from the computer you'll be using for that test. Browse the Technology Needs on the last pages of the guide and please make certain the following needs are met:

  • USB headset with microphone
  • All computers should be set to simply accept cookies
  • If testing in Arabic, Mandarin or Japanese, be sure that the necessary writing input system continues to be activated. To learn more, begin to see the Writing Input Guide

Logging In to the Avant PLACE Assessment

  • Visit https://placement.avantassessment.com/placement/do/login
  • Go into the PLACE Test Code (formerly Username) and Password supplied by the business that's sponsoring your test
  • Unless of course directed otherwise, for Login Name (formerly Complete Name), enter your Name adopted by one space, your Middle Name adopted by one space, your Surname
  • Hint: Remember the way you joined your company name – should you lose connection or steer clear of the make sure have to resume, you'll have to reenter your company name just as you probably did the very first time.

Using the Avant PLACE Assessment

The exam isn't timed, and could be stopped and started again at another time, as needed. Typically, applicants can intend to spend 35-50 minutes using the test. Don't use outdoors sources throughout the test – no pen, paper, other computer programs, or support materials.

Your test includes two, 3 or 4 skills -with respect to the language selected, the following:

  • French, German, Spanish, Japanese – Four skills: Studying, Contextualized Grammar, Writing and Speaking
  • Italian, Mandarin Simplified, Mandarin Traditional – Three skills: Studying, Writing and Speaking
  • Arabic – Two skills: Writing and Speaking

The exam begins with students Profile page along with self-evaluation. The exam will flow within the following order: Studying/grammar section, Writing section, and Speaking section (minus any sections not incorporated for any specific language).

Studying/Grammar Section

  • 20 – 30 questions which are computer-scored
  • Often takes 25 – half an hour to accomplish
  • Browse the question and solutions before you decide to make an effort to browse the passage (this helps guide your studying which help you progress with the test more rapidly)
  • For tests which include a Grammar component, the Grammar products are incorporated within this portion of the test.

Writing Section

  • One question that's human-scored
  • Often takes 5 to 10 minutes to accomplish
  • Provide your response while using target language – don't use British!
  • Provide all the information requested within the prompt and remain on-subject
  • For many languages, a “floating keyboard” seems to be used when deciding on any special letters or figures connected using the language
  • For writing in Chinese, Japanese or Arabic, choose the correct language for input out of your computer’s task bar or desktop
  • Click NEXT when you're carried out with the Writing section response

Hint: After a few minutes on a single test item, the machine displays the next message: “The system will log you out of trouble in five minutes. If you want more hours, please click the link.Inches Clicking the button provides you with yet another 5 minutes prior to the message seems again.

Speaking Section

  • One question that's human-scored
  • Often takes 5 to 10 minutes to accomplish
  • To record an answer, click RECORD click STOP when done recording
  • After recording, click PLAY to hear your recording then do among the following:
  • If you wish to increase the recording, click Record/Increase Recording
  • If you wish to delete it and begin again, click Begin Again
  • Once the recording is finished, click NEXT


Resourse: https://avantassessment.com/place/