Construct your french vocabulary: where do you turn just for fun?

Construct your french vocabulary: where do you turn just for fun? Sometimes     

   Typically, these frequency phrases

Browse the list below for many common phrases and words used when describing that which you provide for fun:

French Vocabulary for Activities We Love

Whether relaxing by the pool, making up ground on the favorite Television shows, or going on the family trip, everyone has activities that people love and revel in. Listed here are a couple of French vocabulary terms to explain common activities a lot of us enjoy.

  • Regarder la télé  Watch television
  • Parler au téléphone Talk on the telephone
  • Lire To see
  • Faire de l’équitation Go horseback riding
  • Faire en natation → Frolic in the water
  • Faire du sport Do sports
  • Voyager Travel

French Vocabulary For Activities We Don’t Enjoy

However, there will also be things we hate doing or rarely do. While some people may like faire l'ensemble des magasins (to visit shopping), others of us hate it. Some people love sortir avec l'ensemble des copains (to day buddies), while some choose to spend time alone. In either case, all of us have activities that people just don’t look foward to. Check out a few examples below:

Construct your french vocabulary: where do you turn just for fun? re doing so in

  • Faire le ménage House work/chores
  • Faire de devoirs Study
  • Étudier → Study
  • Jouer au golf Play golf
  • Faire du jogging Go jogging

Using French Vocabulary in Context

With regards to those activities we love or don’t enjoy, in French, we always put “J’aime ou peut-rrtre un je n’aime pas” (I love or I do not like) prior to the activities that people either enjoy or don’t enjoy. For instance, maybe tu aimes danser (you love to dance), but tu n’aimes pas écouter en musique (you do not like to hear music). Or, maybe tu aimes jouer au feet (you love to play soccer), but tu n’aimes pas jouer aux cartes (you do not enjoy playing cards).

Here are a few more examples:

  • J’aime sortir avec l'ensemble des copains. – I love to day my buddies.
  • Vous aimez voyager ou peut-rrtre un faire du sport? – Would you [formal] prefer to travel or do sports?
  • Elles n’aiment pas étudier. – They [women] don’t prefer to study.
  • Il n’aime pas faire l'ensemble des magasins. – He doesn’t prefer to shop.
  • Nous aimons chanter. – We love to to sing.
  • Elle n’aime pas tellement jouer au tennis. – She doesn’t really enjoy playing tennis.
  • J’aime surtout fair du ski nautique. – I especially like to water ski.
  • Ils n’aime pas beaucoup faire en photo. – They [boys or boys and women] especially don’t prefer to take photos.

Furthermore, if you wish to ask someone when they enjoy something, you simply say, “Est-tout ce que vousOrtu aimez/aimes…” (Would you like to…), after which include the game. For instance:

  • Est-ce que tu aimes jouer à plusieurs jeux video? (Would you [informal] enjoy playing game titles?)
  • Est-tout ce que vous aimez faire de l’athlétisme? (Would you [formal] enjoy athletics?)

Describing How Frequently You Perform an Activity

If you wish to mention how frequently you need to do any activity, here are a few French vocabulary words to describe the regularity with which you execute a particular activity.

  • Jamais Never
  • De temps en temps Every so oftenOrfrom time to time
  • Souvent Frequently
  • Rarement Rarely
  • Tous l'ensemble des jours → Every single day
  • ____ fois componen semaine  ____ occasions per week
  • Une fois/deux fois/trois fois componen semaine Once/two times/three occasions per week
  • Quelquefois Sometimes

Typically, these frequency phrases and words come following the verb and prior to the activity itself. For instance: “Je ne fais jamais du sport” (Irrrve never play sports) or “Je fais souvent en natation” (I frequently frolic in the water) or “Je joues quelquefois au foot” (I sometimes enjoy playing soccer).

However, de temps en temps and  ___ fois componen semaine go in the finish from the sentence. For instance: “J’aime écouter en musique de temps en temps” (I love to pay attention to music from time to time) or “J’aime faire du jogging deux fois componen semaine” (I love to go jogging two times per week).

Now you understand how to discuss the activities you want out on another look foward to, here we are at some devoirs. If you would like your French to enhance, you need to practice. So, what about writing lower what you love to do and just how frequently you're doing so in French. Then, say that which you don’t enjoy and just how frequently you need to do or don’t do individuals activities.

Have some fun, along with a tout à l’heure!


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