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le magasin About this sound /ma.ɡa.zɛ̃/ (help·info) shop, store le center commercial mall, shopping center le grand magasin mall le rayon About this sound /ʁɛ.jɔ̃/ (help·info) department la boutique About this sound /butik/ (help·info) small store la pharmacie About this sound /faʁ (help·info) pharmacy, chemist le marché About this sound /maʁ.ʃe/ (help·info) outside market

Foods stores

le supermarché supermarket l’hypermarché (m) hypermarket, big supermarket la boucherie About this sound Fr-boucherie.ogg (help·info) butcher shop 1 la boulangerie

le dépôt de discomfort About this sound /bu.lɑ̃ʒ.ʁi/ (help·info) loaves of bread

a location that sells bread 2 la charcuterie About this sound /ʃaʁkytəˈʁi/ (help·info) delicatessen3 la crémerie dairy store la pâtisserie About this sound Fr-pâtisserie.ogg (help·info) pastry shop, pâtisserie la poissonnerie About this sound /pwa.sɔn.ʁi/ (help·info) sea food store, fishmonger l’épicerie (f) grocery4

  1. French butchers don’t sell pork, pork products, nor horsemeat. Of these products, visit a charcuterie. However, lots of boucheries will also be charcuteries, and therefore are known as boucherie-charcuterie
  2. In France, bakeries only sell fresh bread e.g. the bread is baked on-site. Places where they offer bread that isn’t fresh are known as dépôt de discomfort.
  3. Charcuteries’ sell things besides pork products, including pâté, salami, cold meats, salads, quiches and pizzas.
  4. An alternative choice to an ‘épicerie’ is definitely an alimentation générale (an over-all foodstore).

Grammar · -yer verbs [edit]

-yer verbs are irregular -er verbs. When y belongs to the final syllable, it changes to i to keep the ay seem. In our suggestive of -yer verbs, this affects all forms except nous and vous. Some -yer verbs, for example payer, may optionally support the y.


In our indicative, payerto pay for is conjugated the following:

payer ListenListen /

to pay for

je paye (ou peut-rrtre un paie) ListenListen /pɛj/ I pay
tu payes (ou peut-rrtre un paies) /pɛj/ you have to pay
il paye (ou peut-rrtre un paie) ListenListen /pɛj/ he pays
nous payons /pe.jɔ̃/ we pay
vous payez / you have to pay
ils payent (ou peut-rrtre un paient) /pɛj/ they pay
payé / compensated

Extra vocabulary · Other -yer verbs [edit]


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