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French is spoken by over 200 million individuals 50 plus countries including Belgium, Europe and Monaco. French can also be the state language from the Un, NATO, the Eu and also the Worldwide Red Mix – making French a vital languages for professionals thinking about worldwide matters, political science, financial aspects and global business.

Courses offered

First-year French Language Courses (4 credits each)

Course #Summer timeFallWinterSpring
FR 111
FR 112
FR 113

Second-year French Language Courses (4 credits each)

Course #Summer timeFallWinterSpring
FR 211
FR 212
FR 213

Third-year French Language Courses (3 credits each)

Course #Summer timeFallWinterSpring
FR 311
FR 312
FR 313

French Culture Courses (3 credits)

Course #Summer timeFallWinterSpring
FR 338

Note: Future term data are constantly updated. Class choices might be added, removed, or rescheduled without warning. Look into the Ecampus Schedule of Classes frequently for current information.

Students who complete 3 years of French can:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of fundamental French communicative conventions for example tu and vous.
  • Learn and employ basics of vocabulary to create conversation flow.
  • Develop understanding of francophone countries and culture.
  • Aurally identify meanings of easy messages.
  • Compose simple texts and questions using learned grammar.
  • Respond to your questions using learned grammar and vocabulary.

Study from a properly-respected college

French classes are developed and trained by Or Condition faculty inside the Department of World Languages and Cultures and all sorts of course materials are delivered through multimedia instruction along with realistic learning objectives. Students will communicate with their classmates through online community forums and interactive happy to gain competency communicating in French. Online students get the same curriculum and transcripts as our on-campus students.

Transfer your credits

A lot of students signed up for Or Condition Ecampus classes pay in-condition tuition, making classes on the web affordable and versatile. You should observe that Or Condition College operates on one fourth system. If you’re transferring credits make sure to read the transfer policy of your house institution. Find out more about transferring credits.

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