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French roadmap consider Jeune Afrique


  • Wikipedia – Article on French Language
    A substantive encyclopedic introduction and overview in British of french – its Alphabet, Grammar, History, and so on – with lots of hyperlinks to much deeper sub-topics.
  • French Writing System
    French roadmap Most content is at ILR Helpful for individuals who require a fundamental summary of in france they alphabet, accents, and pronunciation. Site also offers more information and language related links.
  • Virtual French Keyboard and Dictionary With Spell Checker
    Helpful tool that enables someone to key in French using mouse after which spell check too. Offers listing of shortcuts (using alt key) you can use to type French accented letters.
  • Google Translate
    Translate a thing, an expression, or perhaps a document from French to British or reverse. Not even close to perfect but improving constantly. Word level a lot better than phrase or text.
  • An Interactive French Online Reference Grammar – Tex's French Grammar
    By College of Texas at Austin professors. Solid fundamental grammar and beyond. Includes Verb Tutor and Conjugator tools. Explanations of grammatical points are adopted by interactive exercises that make sure reinforce idea of materials covered.
  • Beginning and Intermediate French Grammar and Writing Exercises – A Vos Plumes!
    By College of Virginia professors. Large assortment of grammar-based online interactive exercises, starting with Greetings and Introductions, and covering topics like Subjunctive, Conditional, and much more.

Intermediate to Advanced (ILR levels two to three and greater)

  • Joint Language College
    A comprehensive NCS-managed language training portal open to USG and military only through account registration. Sources include LangNet Assessment Objects – large assortment of exercises that mirror MCQ of DLPT5 in studying and listening comprehension and LangNet Learning Objects – online exercises in studying and listening for acquisition, enhancement, refresher training. Also helpful for self-study are most of the SCOLA products: news broadcasts, news archives, and also the Insta-Classes – a number of exercise according to broadcasts.
  • DLIFLC Language Products
    Produced by the Defense Language Institute Language Center (DLIFLC) for military linguists, this site has some excellent sustainment materials note particularly, French materials in GLOSS containing many French studying and listening comprehension exercises – most of which derive from videos.
  • French Language Links — BBC
    Website includes interactive tools for Developing Language Proficiency in Studying and Listening, Intermediate Grammar Exercises, a comprehensive French authentic text Listening/Studying Library, and much more.
  •'s Advanced French Grammar
    From Laura K. Loveless at Advanced language tips which cover language, culture, listening comprehension, and much more.
  • French Language Exercises – Columbia College
    Initially produced by professors at Columbia College, this site may be worth exploring – though it's no longer maintained. Contains exercises around the Subjunctive, Indirect Object Pronouns, etc.
  • French Learning Website – TV5
    An incredible source for French materials to the B2 (Advanced Intermediate) level. Includes comprehension, vocabulary and grammar exercises. Incorporated too are video interviews and discussions of materials with native loudspeakers.
  • Wikipedia – French Edition
    French form of Wikipedia is substantial and growing daily. Use not just like a reference but additionally like a source of studying materials – enter nearly any subject and you receive a nice article designed in perfect French. Most content is at ILR two to three levels you may also connect to British language versions to facilitate comprehension and reduce utilization of working aids.

Advanced Sources, Media, and Dictionaries

  • Voice of the usa – French
    Voice of the usa (VOA) may be the official exterior broadcast institution from the U . s . States authorities.
  • Radio France Internationale
    Radio France Internationale (RFI) is really a major French news source that gives news, information, and analysis on current occasions.
  • Jeune Afrique
    Many consider Jeune Afrique is the best supply of news and analysis for African matters.
  • Online Newspapers
    Huge resource with links to French language online newspapers, magazines, Radio and tv stations from Afrique du Sud and Algérie,to Belgique, Canada, France, Vietnam and each country among where French is spoken.
  • French Abbreviations and Acronyms Dictionary
    This French website enables the consumer either to look for the unknown acronym in order to click a particular field to peruse the primary list.
  • Termium
    The Canadian Government's Translation Bureau is promoting this second-to-none databank which contain technical and difficult-to-find translations of some 5 million terms.
  • Le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique
    This online for free dictionary is ideal for finding British equivalents of rare terminology. Additionally to enabling the consumer to look for appropriate translations, this website offers the particular field where the term can be used, that helps the consumer in figuring out the potential translation based on context.
  • Reverso French
    This is a great French-British online dictionary that gives context additionally towards the terms.
  • Linguee
    Linguee is a lot more than a dictionary – it's a database of converted materials that enables the consumer to determine the way a word or phrase continues to be converted by other professional linguists in context. When you utilize it the very first time, you'll refer to it frequently!
  • WordReference
    This can be a fantastic site not just for dictionary purposes but in addition for forum discussions, where language professionals discuss the nuances and popular use of certain terms.
  • Proz
    This site targets professional linguists and possesses potentially helpful forum discussions on tricky French (along with other) language issues.
  • Bibliothèque nationale de France
    Website an internet-based catalog from the National Library of France.
  • Académie française
    Primary page of French Academy, the prominent learned body on matters relating to french established in 1635 because the official authority around the usages, vocabulary, and grammar of french (see: La langue française ), it's also billed with publishing the official dictionary of french (see: Le dictionnaire ).
  • WESSWeb – French Literature, Linguistics & Culture
    Online text collections in European Literature.


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