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Haskell Library

Kids’ Corner

See the 2016 Listing of Kids’ Favorite Reads in the FIAF Library!

A unique spot for parents and children, is situated in a comfortable corner from the Haskell Library.

Here there is also a vast assortment of books for kids of every age group to see in French. You’ll find magazines, CDs, DVDs, and CD-ROMs.

An excellent place to unwind together with your child and browse a magazine or see a movie!

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Approaching Programs

Summer time Studying Contest

Ages 5–12

Jun 12-Sep 5

Petites oreilles

Ages 2–3

Appliquons-nous !

Ages 3–5 L’Heure du conte

Ages 4–6 La biblie qui rit !

Come along for activities every Saturday where one can learn, read, play games, practice your French making new buddies.
For everyone!


Enjoy French tales, Television shows, and much more for children around the digital library Culturethèque. Free for FIAF People!


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The library in two countries


Wojciech Zgodowski: Ahha, so you can do certain things on one side of the building which are illegal on the other side. Interesting life it would be living in such place.