Loeb school of your practice

Loeb school of your practice So that you can educate

So that you can educate an overseas language (Spanish, French or Mandarin Chinese) in Pennsylvania (PA) public secondary schools, students have to declare the very first major either in language and elect another major in language certification. Additionally to finishing needs within their major, they have to match the following needs.

Admissions & Retention Needs

Course Needs

Course Number Course Name Credit

Language Certification Courses (21 credits)

EDUC 200*

Social and Philosophical Foundations of contemporary Education


EDUC 201*

Summary of Special Education


EDUC 205

Child Development


EDUC 211

Educational Psychology


EDUC 301

Evaluation and Assessment in Inclusive Settings


EDUC 384

Inclusive Education


EDUC 412

Teaching British like a Second Language


LANG 350

Teaching of contemporary Language and ESL


ANTH 101 (or EDUC 417)

Loeb school of your practice EDUC 410    



   Student Teaching    




Cultural Anthropology (or Multicultural Education)


Suggested Elective

KINE 201



Professional Semester (15 credits)

EDUC 410

Student Teaching


EDUC 420



*A minimum of 20 hrs of needed urban observation can happen in these three courses.

Resourse: http://eastern.edu/academics/programs/loeb-school-education/

Jazz Guitar Lesson – Approach Notes & Neighbor Tones


Jean-Luc Bersou: Do you think Charlie Christian ,Django Reinhardt ,Wes Montgomery started with théory ?\nI think theory is elaborated "a posteriori" since natural musicians and those Genius\nwere first playing what they feel exactly,with tremendous melodic sense ,perfect pitch,\ntotal sense for rhythm .They first learn by themseves through huge memory and\ninnates abilities and capacities to catch with accuracy .I speak for guitar players but\nthis observation concerns all instrumentists . Today there are many informations and\nthis can help a lot …..but in all Times there were and still there will be Happy few !\nChuck's lesson is a precious contribution as it may put some light in the dark .thanks\nto Him !

Felipe Gianei: Amazing lessons, I can hear it in all jazz solos, I just don't know how to practice this and use in my solos, any tips?

Jean-Luc Bersou: +Felipe Gianei First try to play correctly the theme ,whatever the song is .\nIf a single line is expressive with a good tone i think it starts well .

Tombo B: nice and simple, great!!

LukeInside: Attitude of a typical jazzman :)

Charles Tresca: thanks Chuck!

Igor Kuzmanovski: R.I.P. Chuck Loeb

Jerry Smitherson: Finally a jazz teacher who put fret stickers on his guitar

Michael Doto: "right?"….

Dennis Browder: Thanks Chuck good idea man never thought about it like that