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The Illinois Program

In Paris

The Illinois Enter in Paris, established in 1971, is backed and supervised through the College of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign while offering students an instructional year or perhaps a one semester of study in French language, literature and civilization. Courses of instruction receive mainly by L’Institut Catholique (La Catho). The suggested time period of the Illinois Enter in Paris is nine several weeks (September – June). However, this program has a 1-semester (Spring Semester option). Participation is available to sophomores, juniors and seniors, and also to non-French majors in addition to French majors. This program includes a Permanent Residential Director as well as an administrative center in Paris.

Academic Programs: Students are put in groups based on their proficiency level from the placement written test prior to going abroad as well as an dental test upon your arrival. You will see an orientation upon arrival in France which will incorporate a grammar review before classes start.

Institut Catholique (All levels):

This can be a French language school that bears the Catholic reputation for its location in historic Paris and never for just about any religious base to the program. The college helps students with establishing conversation exchange with French people also it arranges group conferences for college students of the identical level to rehearse their French in the school. The courses are small, without any more then 25 for giant workshops and under 12 for language sections. L’Institut Catholique also provides the students the chance to operate on the school publications, another extracurricular activity that encourages you to definitely practice your French. Advanced students may also be capable of taking some courses with French students at Paris IV (La Sorbonne) or in the La Catho.

Excursions: Additionally to regular academic work, this program includes excursions, like a visit to Loire Valley , and/or shorter journeys to Chartres Vaux-le-Vicomte , Monet’s home in Normandy, and so forth.

Housing: Three kinds of housing can be found: (1) Dormitory lodging (2) home stick with a French family (3) independent housing

(1) Dormitory Lodging: Various dorms (known as foyers) are utilized that are scattered through the city to put students inside a French-speaking atmosphere. Usually rooms are single. however a couple of double rooms are frequently available plus some triples. Dorms are believed in the greatest cost but following a student is assigned dorms, cost could be adjusted if lower. Year-lengthy students should indicate when they would like just one room or perhaps a double room. Prices and services vary using what can be obtained and between various dorms. Most college dorms are small , simply furnished when compared with US standards.

(2) Home Stay: Students thinking about remaining having a family should realize that sometimes he/she’ll place their meals with your family and often has only kitchen rights. Sometimes a student is built-into the household and often the household simply rents an area. Prices vary using the host families, using the cheapest being appoximately 550 euros per month, and also the greatest being roughly 760 euros per month. Costs are believed in the greatest cost after which once the student is positioned, cost is adjusted.

(3) Independent Housing: Students have the effect of making their very own housing plans.

Meals: Each student is brought to the federal government-subsidized student restaurants during orientation.

Supervision: Students signed up for the Illinois Enter in Paris is going to be underneath the supervision from the program director, who works for the College of Illinois. The director will educate a training course in theOrher field throughout the spring semester. This program is required for those students.

Credit: No more than 36 semester hrs might be earned abroad. Credit is made through the Department of French, and transcripts are provided by the College of Illinois.

French credit completed through IPP may count as departmental residential advanced hrs if evaluated as upper division course work. Such credit might be applied toward a small, major, or double major in French, or may count as supporting coursework in other fields. Courses drawn in the program are thought academic residence courses however, students still need to fill an actual residency around the Illinois campus to acquire a College of Illinois degree. Individuals students and also require used in Illinois within their junior year to accomplish their undergraduate degree, should seek advice from your student counseling office for that residency policies that affect them.

Eligibility: Students signing up to this program must have an exciting-college gpa with a minimum of 2.5 (inside a 4. system), and French Majors must have typically 3. in French courses. Just before participation within the program French majors must have completed French 205, 207, 208 or 209 or equivalent.

Students majoring in other fields must have completed twelve months of French (a minimum of French 102). If you haven’t satisfied the above mentioned needs but have fundamental French proficiency (4 semesters of French), you still be looked at because the Institut Catholique offers courses whatsoever levels.

Student should have completed two semesters of school just before studying abroad.

Costs: The price of participation within the program varies using the housing option selected. Program payments cover orientation, tuition in Paris, initial transportation, field journeys, insurance, and housing unless of course independent. Follow the link above under budget to determine additional information.

You’ll be accountable for products for example laundry, entertainment, visas, textbooks, and then any vacation travel plus food. Telephone bills are down to the scholars.

Application Information: All materials (including individuals documents on-line) should be posted through the deadline. Deadlines might be extended. Contact among the individuals the following to find out if you might be permitted to use late.

All applications include, at least: the official transcript, 2 recommendations (on-line suggested) a minimum of such as from the French professor or TA, two 500-word (maximum) essays (one out of British and something in French) as well as on-line questionnaires. Please click "apply todayInch to start the application.

Application Information

All materials should be posted towards the Study Abroad Office through the Study Abroad Office deadlines.


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