An accidental blog: dreaming about france — coming in paris

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The other day Friday, we made our way from Southwestern France to Paris. We would have liked to finish our trip having a couple of days within the magical city.

When I am buying travel arrangements, It’s my job to include hotels in Paris either once we are coming or departing. I’ve found the accommodation does not really boost the cost from the travel arrangements, therefore it is like getting hotels free of charge. So our flights from Ohio to Paris with two nights inside a hotel in Paris were about $800 each.

This time around we remained in Trianon Rive Gauche, that was within the fifth arrondisement. The rooms will always be small in Paris, so pricier anything as an American accommodation, however the bed was firm and also the bathroom remodeled, plus we did not spend much time within the room.

Because we required the train to Paris, we showed up in the Gare de Lyon within the twelfth arrondisement. I’d checked in advance and walking in the stop to the hotel involved 2 miles. Despite the fact that i was wheeling suitcases along, I needed just to walk and relish the city.

Whenever we first departed the train, heaven appeared as if this!


Roger dreaming about Paris


daniel john: Roger is my spirt animal

royermont92: Cleveland gets his own show but Roger hasn't. explain that?

sakurashounen: Roger is such a drama-queen! I love him so damn much!

That Anime Guy: Someone needs to make a show based on rogers personas

pikachuandsonic: HILARIOUS!!!

HokageKing: I laughed so hard Ijust distorted reality

Avi Hobbs: What movie is this based off of?

kanabis kocaine: which episode is it ?

The douche canoes: Whats the song called 

Marion Pentecote: Edith Piaf brought me here