Avalon waterways – first day – coming in paris & all aboard!


Yup.. Im hooked on cruising. There’s something concerning the open water, the ocean breezes, the very fact you are able to ice skate at ocean in certain cases…. and as well as the very fact you unpack once as well as your hotel travels along with you. These draw me for this mode of travel. I’ve become rather confident with a few of the reasons for cruising that could intimidate an initial timer.  For example, I like the accommodation really  takes me around even when a number of them share space with as many as 5000 others. I love just a little motion to lightly rock me to rest at night… (Best. Sleep. Ever.)

So after experiencing luxury cruise ships that permit you need to do anything you like, virtually when you want with 5000 of the new best buddies, I wasn’t exactly sure the way i would decide to try a little, 3 deck ship having a max of 128 people. I know during the day 8 of the Avalon Waterways journey aboard the Tapestry 2 Ill possess a detailed response to that question…  but we begin right from the start from the journey.

aAnd just a little introduction… Avalon Waterways is really a US based river cruise line of the Globus group of brands, that provides cruises in Europe, China, Southeast Asia,the U . s . States, South Usa and also the Galápagos Islands. This journey will require us roundtrip from Paris to the Normandy beaches and back through to vista the little villages across the river.

Flying to Europe from San antonio requires a little mental preparation and lots of luck finding the perfect flights to help you get there when you really need to reach and fingers entered that you get a non stop option that aren’t millions of Frequent Flyer miles to get the very coveted reclining or lie flat seats. Through the years I’ve become very experienced at hoarding frequent flyer miles just for this kind of occasion. Higher productivity of necessity than anything when i fail miserably at the skill of resting on an airplane, regardless of what seat I’m in.

We required off at 1:09 pm and 9.5 hrs and 9 timezones later, we arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport terminal (CDG) in Paris.  I will express it was among the easiest arrivals ever in Europe if this found passport control and bureaucracy. Our Sky Priority status with Delta One and my gold level membership using the air travel, permitted for that Steps For Success line, much like a Fastpass, and our wait was under a few minutes. After we collected our baggage we exited towards the arrivals area and located a really enjoyable greeter awaiting us.


We boarded our motorcoach along with a few other passengers for that approximately one hour drive to some downtown Paris hotel that can serve as the get together and appearance in place for your transfer towards the ship. Avalon had arranged an area with coffee, tea and water so you could relax and choose how to proceed while awaiting the three:45 transfer. They provide an excellent option that can take both you and your bags towards the Eiffel Tower then to the ship for 39 euro per person which incorporated an amount two observation ticket and most importantly, a couple:30 pm reservation so it’s not necessary to wait.



After enjoying a while only at that renowned landmark, i was on the method to the ship. Once we showed up the crew was prepared to greet us with beverages and smiles.




We sitting within the lounge and were greeted by the cruise director, captain and crew who gave us info on what to anticipate onboard the following 8 days. We immediately felt the nice and cozy welcome and casual, slow paced life from the surroundings.  As the sign in process begins,  they known as us by deck so we began towards the front desk, where they take and hold your passport for any day approximately, and provide you with your secrets of the stateroom.


Once checked in, we began to the room to obtain moved in.  More with that later…

Strategies for today:

Try to reach least eventually prior. Unfortunately my schedule didn’t permit it, however recommend you build per day to unwind on arrival and obtain through the dreaded jet lag. That enables you to definitely be rested and able to go once the fun begins.

Pack an easy keep on. When you turn up, you’ll have a while between sign in and also the transfer towards the bus. You should check carry ons using the hotel desk, or leave them around the bus should you choose the trip in route. But if you wish to walk around and explore, you may want to drag your carry one along with you.

Resourse: http://adventureswithbeci.com/2015/08/02/avalon-waterways-day-1-coming-in-paris-all-aboard/

Avalon Waterways – European River Cruises


lauren mclellan: Looking forward to our second cruise May 16

Hammers Hamilton: We travelled on Avalon Felicity in April, and loved the whole experience.

Valerie F.: Boring! I'll stick with a real cruise with many things to do. I'm not quite ready to do nothing on vacation.

MrRtatiana: We just came back from this cruise Avalon Expression June 21-July 4\nI was absolutely TERRIBLE!!!!! We paid 21000 Canadian $!!!!!!\n Worse as we did not ever had vacation ! 3 star- minus ! 4 days was spent in to the locks with terrible smell! the food was not local-it is GMO USA's food!!! We don't have any words to express ours opinions! Only 2 cities Vienna and Budapest can pay attention for this cruise!! But it is not cost soooo big money! We counted the days when it finish and we go out from the prison of the our Royal 310 cabin!!+16472198991