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Paris FranceIt's November the 19th and that i just showed up in Paris. I'd a terrible problem in the airport terminal. They'd not let my spouse on the flight because she's a citizen of Thailand and she or he needed a visa to board the plane. After I made the reservation AA explained she just needed her eco-friendly card and Thai passport. AA did provide us with credit for any future flight but departing her in the airport terminal was among the saddest moments of my existence. I'll be in France alone for 3 days and am very bummed about this, but there are plenty worse places I possibly could be for 3 days plus I must concentrate on the task at hands.

Jean Claude

I acquired checked to the Hotel Mercure on Champs Elysees and that i should rest like me psychologically and physically exhausted but all I'm able to consider is French food. I keep remembering JC1 (I call him up JC1 because both French chefs I labored for were named Jean Claude) and all sorts of agony he put me through after i labored under him in the tender chronilogical age of 16. Center remains twenty five years later in Foot. Worth Texas it’s named Saint Emillon. JC1 however died ten years ago.

I walked around around an hour dreaming of JC1 and Ratatouille (the cartoon and not the food) and lastly made the decision to return to your accommodation and get the concierge for any lunch recommendation. They known as ahead to some place two blocks lower the road having a name will be able to not remember. It had been a really small country French style restaurant just like Saint Emillon.

I'm not feeling too well like me still very disappointed about departing my spouse. I'd spoken up Paris to her for several weeks prior to the trip and spent numerous hrs planning things for all of us to complete, yet the actual within the most romantic world alone. I showed up at 11:30 and wondered why I'm the only real customer within the place. I later recognized the French eat later than we all do.

Food (What else?)

When I sitting lower I observed the place had an uncomfortable odor so that as I had been searching around saw an enormous table filled with cheese. Oh that smell I can’t have it from my thoughts. So the actual culture shocked tired and depressed and so i purchased the greatest cliché of French foods wishing to snap me from it and so i order the escargot. It had been obviously the very best I'd ever endured. Then i order the Monkfish (in France referred to as Lotte). It had been on the ragout of some type of yellow bean that I didn't recognize. It had been amazingly fresh and incredibly lobster as with texture as all Monk fish is.

I believe I ate 3 full baguettes also it was wonderful. You can smell it baking in the kitchen area. Both French places I labored at in the usa baked their very own bread but apart from that it’s pretty difficult to find fresh baked bread inside. So my first lunch in Paris was perfect and that i can’t hold back until today after i will dine in a two star Michelin restaurant around the Left bank named Relais Louis. I would have Foie Gras breakfast, lunch, and dinner the whole time I'm in France. This really is about just like it will get.

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