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QM2 deckchairs

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<p>Throughout the 1 week sea crossing, the elements altered daily. Actually, it altered hourly.</p>
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One morning it might be overcast along with a little bleak, then an hour or so later, the sun’s rays could be shining and we’d all hit when from the ship and park inside us cushioned deck chairs and with each other gaze out within the ever-altering, sweeping waters from the Atlantic.

waving goodbye

This isn’t the type of trip where everybody delays to reach a Mexican or in a port within the Caribbean, where hoards of individuals unload in the boat and invade an urban area full of souvenir stands and margarita bars. Individuals who have a transatlantic voyage do so for any purpose, which they’ve been doing for more than 100 years, and that’s to mix the sea to obtain in one spot to another. The only real sightseeing is peering out over mile after mile of sea.

fig flatbread

However, who would like to be somewhere for any week and never eat correctly? And So I found myself eating fish & chips instead of stale chips & salsa. And warm fig, gorgonzola, and prosciutto flatbread.

Atlantic oceanview

I’d never been on a holiday such as this and it was happy to have had the opportunity to result in the crossing at least one time within my existence. So when I pointed out it to other people, a number of responded with similar feeling of purpose that standing on an sea liner is much like. It’s not only a vacation, but you’re really going somewhere and it truly is a mode of travel, only one that has disappeared in support of faster way of getting in one place to another. Here’s a couple of notes concerning the trip…

atlantic ocean


I had been pretty surprised the very first couple of days at just how calm the sea and ship were. I required another trip around the sea once on the boat which had a stabilizer which vibrated the vessel constantly, making everything creak a little. I’d difficulty sleeping since i felt like I had been over sleeping a haunted house.

This ship felt quite stable and things weren’t moving a lot for that first couple of days. On the third day, I woke up towards the Queen Mary 2 rocking a little more assertively. Things were moving around and getting up, I understood I had been around the water. After I visited breakfast, a few people looked as if they’d have favour remained during sex. I did not feel queasy, but did bring over-the-counter medication in situation Used to do, that we didn’t have to take and also the minimal swaying which lasted just for a couple of hrs didn’t bother me. However for individuals that do seem like they require it, you will find remedies around the ship, just in situation.

boat painting


A couple of years back, airfares skyrocketed so when I checked recent airfares, it had been pretty shocking plus they appear to carry on to increase. During the time of this writing, airfares towards the states are roughly $1300 or even more. A fast take a look at among the online cruise booking websites revealed the cheapest cost for any trip around the QM2 was hovering within 1000 dollars per person*. Obviously, costs are susceptible to change and you ought to get yourself home. But thinking about there are no extra charges for further luggage – you are able to bring around you would like – it may exercise to some decent value for the way you book the trip and when you are. Pets are permitted too, and their very own kennel and workout area. (Although undertake and don’t looked very fierce in my experience.)

danger these animals may bite

Room Steward

Whenever you look at your living space, you’re assigned an area steward, who personally ensures things are okay on your voyage.

I would like one.

commodore bar


To tell the truth, I had been amazed at the caliber of the meals. Obviously, they’re cooking for more than a 1000 people each day. However the menu changes with every meal plus they appear to gladly allow for for allergic reactions and intolerances. Plus there’s a number of ethnic foods to select from, including Indian and Italian dishes.

chicken masalaapple tart

Also there’s a couple of different amounts of service you can buy like a guest around the ship – top of the (“Grill”) levels mean to nibble on within the more intimate dining rooms and also have the same servers all week (that we had) although to tell the truth, I required breakfast within the primary buffet since I am not keen on being anxiously waited on each morning and am more happy helping myself. In most cases individuals are more happy not to be with me first factor each morning either.

baba au rhum

Regardless of the truth that we’re able to dine within the smaller sized dining area, we wound up eating a couple of occasions within the primary restaurant from the ship, the Britttania, that was a multilevel restaurant coupled with the sensation of the vintage ship’s dining area, that was more busy and fun. Mid-day teas are also incorporated daily, out of the box room service, based on your living space. I felt pretty much-given and did take part in tea (and scones) most days. For individuals worried about their diets…or for individuals who eat a lot of scones mid-mid-day, there’s a “spa” menu offered at dinner along with other meals.

ploughmanfish & chips

Pub fare can also be symbolized and passengers can also enjoy a pint and eat through the window, watching the sea lulling outdoors, and eat fish & chips or perhaps a Ploughman’s lunch.

todd english saladravioli with potato

Chef Todd British includes a restaurant aboard that we ate at one evening (there is a small surcharge for eating there and also the two photos above, and something below, come from his restaurant) and also the food was copious and good, however i especially loved the “Truffled Potato Love Letters”, potato-stuffed ravioli having a generous quantity of butter and Madiera glaze, even though it was quite wealthy and i believe I’ve just forgotten how filling American-sized portions are (either that, or I over-purchased), also it was difficult to finish everything on my small plate.

scallops at Todd English

Health spa

Talking about spas, Gorge Ranch runs the health spa around the Queen Mary 2. There are many treatments obtainable in various cost ranges. You may also pay something extra to obtain a day health spa pass which enables you to employ the co-erectile dysfunction hydrotherapy center with assorted steams rooms, whirlpools, and on top of that – and my personal favorite – the comfort room.

On my small trip, the health spa offered a couple of daily specials, together with a $99 massage that is a very good deal thinking about you receive a one-day pass towards the day health spa facilities. It’s normally $40 for doing things during the day, however if you simply obtain a health spa treatment (just like a $99 massage), it’s incorporated. I”d a facial which was great

bar liquor

Amenities and Extras

I did not watch a single scuff on the wall or something that wasn’t in tip-top condition around the ship. The multi-ethnic staff was friendly and professional without having to be intrusive. However if you simply wanted something (like directions round the ship, that we needed the very first couple of days), there is someone nearby to suggest me within the right direction. Since the sea liner travels from England towards the U . s . States frequently, there’s a really British air towards the boat and everybody within the company speaks excellent British.

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molecular cosmopolitancilantro cocktail

Liquor and wine aren’t incorporated however i found the costs very fair. Cocktails began around $6 and British beers were on tap as well as in bottles. There have been various cocktail bars included and also the two I loved the very best were the Commodore Club (that has whiskey and martini-tastings), which in fact had a couple of innovative cocktails (just like a “molecular” Cosmopolitan with Cointreau mousse on the top) as well as an extra-fruity Pimm’s Cup, and also the Fizzless G & T, a combination of gin, Lillet, orange bitters, along with a couple of leaves of cilantro, that is now formally my personal favorite cocktail. But better was the Chart Room, which in fact had an appropriate maritime theme and equally fitting bartenders, who have been a few of the friendliest people aboard.


There is a cinema and planetarium, along with a computer center that provides free classes and it was stocked with rows of iMacs for usage. Satellite online sites around the ship can be obtained in an additional charge. I’m investing in a request an aboard espresso bar.

Pimmnyc arrival

To ensure that was the crossing and that i found the entire factor rather thrilling. And today I’m in New You are able to City, getting woken up prior to the sun to determine the town in the morning hours glory. The night time prior to the Captain announced the chain of occasions for the following day and that i automobile to the lights of the small boat circling our ship, presumably ensuring we managed to get in to the port easily, which we finally did only a couple of hrs later.

first sight in the morning

nyc skyline

arriving in nyc

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(Notes: *Used to do a fundamental online look for informational purposes and located various fares as little as that. However for confirmation, it’s better to speak to a travel professional, booking agency, or even the cruise line itself. As pointed out within the first publish within this series, the trip was located by Cunard as a result of previous culinary trip I had been to create, that was cancelled because of the ash cloud which disrupted travel. There wasn”t any financial compensation for covering the crossing. But I must thank the skilled staff who labored around the ship, who did a fantastic job supplying services along with the folks in the cruise line to make plans.)

Resourse: are able to-on-the-queen-mary-2/

Queen Mary 2 sails from Southampton for New York with horns 8/5/17


Aalt van den Ham: Blowing the horn: in mine days it was a signal. 1 blow-10 minutes, 2 blows – 5 min., 3 blows – leaving. But maybe that has changed too. Greetings.

Steve Carrett: The ships these days seem to blow horns for fun. Greetings from chilly Southampton.