Coming in paris by boat during the night is really a wonderful experience

Arriving in Paris by boat at night is a marvellous experience

48° 58′ 49.8324” N 2° 2′ 12.2208” E

This summer 4. – 2014

We sail from Poissy-sous-Carriere at lunchtime. Henrik and Per  has bought food in large quantities. Huge. Two stuffed supermarket carts. 24 bottles water, beer, wine, garbage bags, disposable dinnerware and food for a lot of days. Meanwhile, Susanne and Kirsten make the boat ready and scared millions of spiders from the deck and in the cockpit.

We fill the tank with diesel, spend the money for port captain and leave behind him and the boy many thanks to take good proper care of Ronja with the winter. It cost 250 euros extra for oil, oil filters, and battery recharging. Well, it’d cost exactly the same in Denmark.

The port’s uncrowned king, Hendes, customize the number of canned beer along with a hug from Kirsten. He appears like a contented man.

The visit to Paris is alright. We be aware of route out and in. For Susanne and Henrik it’s an experience to test the locks the very first time also to see Paris in the ocean. The last – to determine Paris in the ocean on the Friday night – is a superb experience for people.

Paris just lost to Germany on the planet Cup in South america. But it’s not visible in the Parisians whenever we sail the final kilometres towards our destination, Port Arsenal. There’s a celebration across the Seine quay edges. Thousands of youthful people relaxing in groups, smoking, consuming, eating, getting fun, hearing music or dancing in the special dance places. It’s an attractive experience to sail through Paris so late within the day. Party Ships. Holiday Atmosphere. Stuffed restaurants. Festively outfitted Frenchmen. Great.

Log-book: Today’s distance: 80 km. Sailed time from 12.30 to 21.30 = 9 hrs. Locks- 4 computers. Weather: heavy and hot.

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Paris Night Boat Tour