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I required a couple of several weeks removed from blogging to be able to finish my dissertation and relish the final couple of several weeks abroad. On a trip I had been busy with my camera, although not busy with my writing! Within the coming days I’ll publish a number of my adventures out of this past Spring. I think you’ll enjoy!

A couple of my old boarding school female friends were celebrating their completing college with a vacation to Portugal and Corsica. I believe Abby and Sylvia were getting an excessive amount of fun to finish everything in Corsica and made the decision to go to Paris, our favorite stomping grounds together. Over time we view Paris together as backpackers, as university students and today as Publish-grads.
No requirement for convincing, my girlfriend Averell and that i put caution towards the wind, and inside an hour our train tickets and hotel were booked and subsequently morning i was removed from St Pancras Station, London to Paris Garde du Nord!
Our Eurostar showed up a couple of hrs later, leaped around the metro and showed up at Hotel Aviatic within the sixth which we chose because of its location alongside Abby’s apartment. Your accommodation was very charming- our room was decorated inside a quintessentially French style, toile wallpaper, Louis Louis furniture and petite! We enjoyed early evening complimentary wine in the hotel’s lounge which felt as an intimate family room. They perform a nice job mixing modern and traditional aesthetic.

There wasn’t any time for you to unpack as French onion soup along with a glass of vino were calling our names! We stopped in a coffee shop nearby from your hotel and devoured a brand new crispy baguette with this cheesy onion soup. Your wine wasn’t bad either! Certainly one of my personal favorite reasons for Paris is you will always be a couple of meters from your next best meal. The small not far away coffee shop could be just like scrumptious because the fancypants restaurants (although individuals are enjoyable too!).

After lunch we’ve got lost in Paris. We walked across the Seine for which appeared like miles so that they can rid ourselves of a few of the calories from lunch. However, because i was in Paris, i was looking for an excellent boulangerie. It was not really a very hard task. Actually, narrowing lower which pastries to purchase demonstrated much more difficult… so once more we put caution towards the wind and purchased eclaires, almond croissant, strawberry and raspberry pastries and macarons! Paradise! We made our method to the Eiffel Tower where we devoured every last morsel.

There’s never lots of time to get hungry in Paris. Before we understood it i was headed to Brasserie Lipp on Boulevard Saint Germain for supper. Steak Frites was alongside mix off my list and boy could it have been gooood! The climate is wonderful and also the location is great to wander around after dinner. Actually we didn’t wander far, once we made our way next door to Coffee shop de Fleur.

Coffee shop de Fleur is stuffed with background and is among my personal favorite watching people cafe’s (much like Coffee shop deux Magots). It may be pricey for fundamental French food but worth opting for the knowledge. We chosen Wine and Desserts (again).

Prescription Cocktail Bar Source

Then we headed to Prescription that is similar to a Speakeasy and has a new menu of cocktails every night. These were outrageously good!

Abby, me, Sylvia & Averell! Promise we didn’t coordinate our outfits!

After our nights making up ground and gossipping before the wee hrs, we made the decision to take advantage of the wet Paris weather and shop. We spent the morning wandering through Bon Marche, certainly one of Paris’ earliest and many famous shops, established in 1838. Beautiful lingerie, perfumes and well curated clothes and accessories. Not very overwhelming either!

Bon Marche Shopping

I fell deeply in love with this Red Valentino Sheer Pink Raincoat with turtle buttons. Isn’t she that are awesome?! Fingers entered for any purchase!

It had been then time for you to enjoy my personal favorite hot cocoa on the planet – Angelina’s. The thick, wealthy hot cocoa is offered inside a pitcher with perfectly fluffy whipped cream. Personally i think just like a young girl each time I’m there. Provide the food a miss, however the pastries count it.

After Angelina’s we hit the museums and galleries. Certainly one of my personal favorite smaller sized museum is Jacquemart-Andre which my father required me to after i would be a young girl. The JA museum always provides me with a nostalgic feeling after i visit when i consider him and my first visit to Paris. If you’re at a loss for the kind of the Louvre, I suggest the house-converted-museum of Jacquemart-Andre, or L’orangerie for Monet’s water lilies and Musee D’Orsay for Impressionists.

Musee de l’orangerie

It had been then onto another evening out together! We visited certainly one of Abby’s favorite roads for bars from her time abroad in Paris, known as Rue Princesse. It had been full of all 20-something Parisians along with a couple of visitors like us. We began out at Little Temple making our way around to another bars.

Me (far left) and also the women!

I couldn’t be more happy seeing old buddies and brand new ones meeting. Tomorrow onto more site-seeing and eating!




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