Question about coming in paris late into the evening and hostels.. (20 y/o female) : solotravel

Question about coming in paris late into the evening and hostels.. (20 y/o female) : solotravel unsafe to rest at

  1. and are the buddies (both sites mostly have a similar hostels, therefore it is only a matter of which interface you want better).

  2. Make sure transit into Paris and just what time the metro etc. shuts lower. Should you get to 22.30, you’ll most likely leave the airport terminal after 23 (customs, ATM, visit to the restroom, etc). Don’t throw away cash booking a hostel should you will not have the ability to leave the airport terminal, anyway.

  3. I simply required a fast consider the general hostel situation for Paris, and it appears as though there’s lots of availability if you are prepared to pay 25-35 Euros every night. Which is not the least expensive, but it is the going rate for any bed inside a major European city. So now you ask , really are you prepared to pay much for any bed, or are you prepared to crash on the ground from the airport terminal to conserve your funds. I’d seriously consider just shelling out for any hostel bed if you are originating from The United States or Australia, while you will be jetlagged. It will likely be well worth the money to possess a place to choose a genuine bed and sheets along with a pillow along with a spot to shower and eat and everything when you are getting up each morning.

  4. I wouldn’t attempt to couch surf by having an arrival that late. I am usually all "female solo travel yay!", but it’s unsafe to rest at home of some random older man you do not know, after you have off an worldwide flight in the center of the night time.


Hostels Are Perfect for Older Women Traveling Alone


Politically Incorrect: I am a 61 years old woman and I used to go adventure wild camping solo, I slept in a hammock with no other people around. Compare to it, hostel is very safe. Just keep alert with common sense. Go for it, you only live once.

Joselyn Rijna: First off all I loved your speech and yes I would stay in a hostel. I am 55 and yes I would join the youngsters every night with their music….. full of energy and happiness

Maria DeArman: Thank you for sharing this video =) Now, I think I'm bold enough to travel solo for the first time =) And yes, I think staying at hostels will be perfect for me because I feel really lonely in hotel rooms by myself. Traveling solo is on my bucket list and I'm about to check it off this year… to Tibet hopefully, maybe Switzerland. I just came back from Iceland, with a friend, and I met a lot of solo travelers, which made me decide that it's now or never =) hahahaha Thank you again =) I'm glad that some hostels accepts people in our age group =)))

Sixty and Me: Good for you Maria!! Enjoy your solo travels! 🙂 How did you like Iceland? That is on my list :-)

Maria DeArman: You know, I stopped by Boston for a couple of days before heading on to Iceland via WOW Air to see a friend – who's been to Iceland a few times – and she said that Boston in the winter is colder than Iceland, and you know what, she's right! hahahaha Anyway, Iceland is beautiful for a nature lover like me, I stayed there for 6 days last month. I'm planning to go back there in the summer. An Icelandic friend said that Iceland is like a different country in the summer =)

Mona Lisa Mendiola: I was wondering if they are travel groups for seniors. I have been wanting to travel but will feel safer with a senior

missmayflower: Funny, I'm 62 and I wasn't 20 until the 1970s, lol. It would have been helpful if you had showed us around the place, your room, and told us the name of it.

Sixty and Me: All the information is in the article 🙂

Dee Lightful: I am not 60 yet but I am so happy to see you here! We need you and your input! ❤

M J Leake: Nomadic Adventurer: I have forwarded your video and blog site to every single mature retired woman I know who flirts with the idea of solo travel. \nYour Youtube video is inspirational and motivational. Keep traveling, posting on your blog and videos. \nI wish you many safe, inspiring destination, and I look forward to some the half-dozen female friends of mine to coordinate with you. \nYou a mentor to so many women. Go Girl! :-)