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Feb 28, 2017


I must be perfectly honest and state that Charles De Gaulle Airport terminal in Paris isn’t my personal favorite airport terminal to fly into or from – as well as worse is attempting to make an association through it. It’s too big, and albeit I have missed a lot of connections there. But there’s two a few things i like about this that virtually block out the rest. One, it’s the simplest way to get at Paris. And let us face the facts, that’s a reasonably large plus! Two, despite the fact that it’s located pretty far outdoors the town, it is easy to achieve with a home airport terminal towards the city center by train.

Sign in CDG airport

There are lots of websites that provides you with detailed instruction on using the train from CDG to Paris, but we believe sometimes they’re excessively complicated, here would be the instructions the bottom line is.

The train which goes to CDG may be the RER (and not the metro or metropolitan), and you will find 2 stations inside the airport terminal. Usually you’ll arrive into terminal 2 in the US (or is going to be bussed to terminal 2). For the departure, you will need the Terminal 1/3 stop, based on your air travel.

When you turn up in CDG stick to the signs for "Trains," "RER Paris by train," or "Gare SNCF Railway Station."

RER vending machines at CDG airport

Once in the station you can purchase your RER tickets in an automated vending machine making use of your charge card as lengthy as the charge card is nick-enabled. Otherwise, you will need to visit the ticket counter. You can purchase 1-way or round-trip tickets (the second is just 2 tickets), plus they cost (around this posting) 10 Euros each way (7 Euros each method for children). The vending machine comes with an "British" option, therefore it is pretty easy.

The trains run frequently both in directions. Don’t be concerned in regards to a schedule, you’ll never need to wait too lengthy. For that terminal 2 station they leave tracks 11 and 12. The sign up the track will explain where it’s going. Unless of course you are traveling beyond Paris, virtually any train departing from track 11 or 12 will work.

You place check in within the feeder (magnetic stripe lower), then retrieve it and walk ins the turnstiles. Be sure to retrieve it and it – you might need it to exit the station.

On an RER B train

One you are around the train, there’s a lit-up schedule that signifies in which the train is going to be going and which stops it’ll make. Look for a seat (if you’re able to), and relish the ride!

The trip takes about half an hour and you are definitely going to would like to get off at Gare du Nord or L’ensemble des Halles (where one can transfer to just about any Metro line).

Questions? Just tell us. You are able to call us here.

(Please be aware the data within this blog is accurate by Feb 2017.)

By Peg Kern

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Anahi Block: You should keep doing videos, your a natural, not forced at all.

halfthefiber: Quite possibly the only touristy thing I would say: Don't go up the Eiffel Tower; pick Tour Montparnasse instead. You get to see the majesty of Paris plus Tour Eiffel. The ticket is cheaper and there are hardly any lines.

Adrian Lazureanu: not if you take the stairs

daveheel: there was only about 30 minute wait for the elevator. some people had prepaid and they didn't have to queue.

Antbeast23: people need to stop being ignorant and saying i'm not going to paris because of terrorist attacks that happened there.

Lance Burley: Antbeast23 yeah right…..its not stopping me….I will be there in October… friends said the same thing…..and I told them the Florida night club shooting isn't stopping y'all from going to Miami

LeoDahVee: After recent terror attacks in the city of Paris, more tourists are coming to the city, mostly Chinese,Indian,American.

Sarah Saint-Maxent: Hey guys… one thing every visitor SHOULD know: the 10-cahier ticket for the metro can be split and used by multiple people ;)