Top 11 tourist mistakes in paris: coming in peak season

Mistake #2: Coming in peak season

When planning your vacation, think about these

tourism statistics:

  • The Eiffel Tower attracts some 5.six million visitors per


  • The Louvre, the Muse d’Orsay, and

    Versailles draw another 12 million locals and vacationers.

  • Disneyland Paris pulls in another 12 million.

summer tourist in ParisAnd

you know what: A substantial number of individuals visitors arrive from June through

August. Figures in the Paris Tourism and Convention Office show nearly 2.5

million overnight visits by leisure travelers in This summer, when compared with about 1.75 million

monthly in shoulder season (April-May, September-October) and barely more than a

million in The month of january or Feb.

Hotel de Ville ice skating rinkBy

coming from season and staying away from holiday periods such as the week before Easter time,

you’ll escape lengthy lines in the leading museums and attractions, you’ll

think it is simpler to obtain tables in restaurants, and you will most likely pay less for

your accommodation or vacation apartment.

Obviously, sometimes it’s fun to stay in an audience. We once showed up

in Paris on May 1 (an essential national vacation in France), so we spent a

enjoyable evening strolling round the Latin Quarter among other couples who have been

walking hands in hands while clutching small bouquets of muguet

(Lily from the Valley), France’s traditional May Day flower. The following day, the

crowds were gone, so we may go nearly anywhere we would have liked without waiting in


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