Culture of french guiana – history, people, clothing, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social

Culture of french guiana - history, people, clothing, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social Lumber

major economical asset. The area agency is just about the second most

important asset, with predictions for more growth. Forestry from the

untapped interior holds economic potential. Sugar-cane along with other cash

crops are grown through the farming sector.

Commercial Activities.

Family people still comprise the farm labor. In your area grown vegetables

and fruit are offered in markets together with fish and meats. The interest in

animals is heavy as well as could be lucrative for that sellers. Small

craft-jobs are offered to both vacationers and locals. Your building materials for

these crafts as well as for woodworking projects will also be offered. One of the major

buyers of those materials would be the many small-scale construction companies.

The service sector can also be important in the local level.

Major Industries.

The main industries are shrimp and fish processing and aerospace. Lumber

and construction are secondary industries. The farming goods are

sugar, grain, manioc, cacao, vegetables, and bananas. Cattle, pigs, and

chicken would be the primary animals creatures.


The main exports are shrimp, lumber, gold, grain, rum, rosewood essence,

and clothing. In 1997 the exports totaled $148 million (U.S.). France

bought the majority of these products, greater than 60 %, using the U . s .

States, the Eu, and Japan purchasing the rest. French Guiana has

always bought a lot more it offered, leading to high trade deficits

since its beginning. In 1997 the nation imported $600 million (U.S) of

goods, for example processed meats, grains, machinery, fuels, and chemicals.

The biggest import partner is obviously France, with Germany, Belgium, and

the U . s . States creating the rest. A sizable national debt has

accrued due to the constant trade deficit.

Division at work.

The entire labor pressure in 1997 was 58,800. The majority of the labor pressure (60

percent) fell inside the service, government, and commerce sectors.

Industry taken into account 21 percent and agriculture 18 percent. Unemployment

what food was in nearly one fourth from the total labor pressure and affected mostly

more youthful workers.

The fishing and forestry sectors depend on local, many occasions unskilled,

labor. The area center in Kourou employs probably the most educated

persons on the planet. Additionally to scientists, the area center employs

numerous lower-skilled workers to pave roads, construct structures,

transport goods,

and perform service functions varying from food production to hotel



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