Daily existence in france and england within the mid-late 1700’s by rachel davis on prezi

Daily existence in france and england within the mid-late 1700's by rachel davis on prezi battles and pictures were
Daily Existence in France and England By: Tine, Kathleen, and Rachel Diet and Hygiene Diet Diet (ongoing) Hygiene Lower Class Male Upper Class Fashion in Politics Entertainment Fashion in Society ~Within the Storming from the Bastille, the federal government from the town of Paris decreed that citizens put on a round emblem built of ribbons in blue and red, the colours of France ~Color in clothing grew to become more essential than ever before, signifying a political and sociological stance within the Revolution -Theaters
-Before revolution = grew to become popular
-wealthy = "loges" (boxes) or on floor
-poor = back and balcony
-Scandelous plays = performed occasionally
– Puppeteers
-Symbolized the requirements and worries from the Third Estate throughout the revolution
-Nobleman and Nobles
-performed tennis (hit the ball together with your bare hands, no racket)
-Banned throughout the revolution
-Symbolized aristocracy an excessive amount of, commoners did not like this
-swam = sport to construct players
-performed games to plant ideas of revolution in minds
-ex: jeu de l’oie (goose game), where images of revolutionary battles and pictures were colored around the boards first Estate: 3rd Estate: -Two primary foods
-Salt and bread
-"Bakers, therefore, were public servants, therefore the
police controlled every aspect of bread production."
-1/2 average man’s paycheck
-After crop failures in 1788 and 1789: 88%
-Ruling class = blamed for famine and cost jumps
-Commoners = angry for tax on salt
-Bouillabaisse = primary meal for working Frenchman -First restaurant
-opened up in 1765 in Paris by Boulanger the bouillon seller
-Not really a coffee shop or perhaps a store
-First real restaurant
-opened up in 1782 in Rue de Richelieu by Beauvilliers
-had menues, individual tables, and small portions
-Following the Revolution
-anybody turn into a baker, a butcher, or perhaps a cheesemaker
-simpler to spread out restaurants-France = center for restaurants and food ~Most historians agree the 17th and 18th centuries were one of the worst periods when it comes to physical hygiene

~It’s stated that Louis XVI required one bath in the existence on his big day

~Beginning within the French Revolution, hygiene grew to become a preventative ward against disease Fashion and Entertainment Careers second Estate: ~The Aristocratic fashions from the 18th century were viewed as evil and for that reason condemned, getting concerning the more casual appearance of nineteenth century fashion ~Women and men trusted their clothing to exhibit whether or not they was for or from the concepts within the Revolution Pictures: Marie Antoinette sporting true Revolution fashion The Guillotine was an origin of entertainment within the French Revolution, in addition to a disciplinary tool Baguettes along with other types of bread offered because the primary culinary facet of citizen’s lives Plus a supply of entertainment, the Guillotine would be a prime illustration of the caste/career system in France. the nearer to the Guillotine you have, the wealthier the folks you saw -Lots of people were unemployed or very poor because of huge national debt.
-Many people from the third estate planned the revolution and overthrow of the foremost and second estates
-Most remained as rural maqui berry farmers
-Because of poverty, most couldn’t afford
school, which limited opportunites
for work
-The first estate was restricted to the local clergy and church officials
-Clergymen, Nuns, highly educated and literate people -The second estate was the nobility and royalty of France
-Lords, the King, The Queen,
Dukes, Duchesses and also the very
wealthy or politically important

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Daily existence in france and england within the mid-late 1700's by rachel davis on prezi controlled every aspect of