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August 23, 2010 by Erica Berman

Cappuccino ItalyPhotos Erica Berman – cappuccino Genova

I’m back in Paris after 2 several weeks of learning Italian in Genoa, Italia. The awesome Paris weather conditions are a surprise following the heat of Italia, but I’m excited to become home.

Naturally, I can’t help evaluating the (Genovese) Italians towards the (Parisian) French that I've cohabited for nearly 18 years. Little variations and similarities between your daily existence both in countries are entertaining, endearing and frequently surprising.

Italians and dogsDoggy love Italian style

A Few Things I have observed: Existence in Italia versus France

  • You'll be scoffed at both in countries for ordering a cappuccino within the mid-day. Mind you, I actually do it anyway. How gauche is the fact that?
  • Both Italians and French cut lines with enthusiasm. Little old Italian ladies are surprisingly cunning. Be alert!
  • Taxis both in metropolitan areas can, and can, attempt to rip you, the foreigner, off even though you speak the word what. Bear in mind.
  • Both Italians and French love their doggies and produce them in trains, restaurants and all over the place they are able to physically go. Both in countries you'll see many on an outing deep in conversation with Fido.
doggie parisParisian doggy
  • In Italia every respectable home should have a bidet. In France the bidet is really a factor of history.
  • Every worthy French kitchen is outfitted having a Ginette Mathiot ‘Je Sais Cuisiner’ cook book along with a cocotte minute (pressure oven). In Italia every respectable home includes a fettatrice (cold cut slicer) along with a Bimby (an amazing machine that does from mixing, steaming and cooking an ideal risotto in 14 minutes… Together with focaccia, frozen treats, dough, pasta sauce…)
  • The train is an origin of pride in France. Trains are fast, sleek and modern. In Italia, one cannot quite repeat the same. Both in countries however, towards the surprise of numerous, it's possible to really go ahead and take train all over the place.
Train and doggy in Italia
  • In Italia clothes are frolicked to dry for those to determine. Which means all clothes, regardless of how intimate! In Paris, you will find strict rules against hanging laundry where it's openly visible.
Laundry in Italia/ 1972 law against hanging laundry in Paris observed in a friends’ building in Paris!




  • In Italia, it frequently seems like there are other scooters then people. In France They scoot, but to some lesser degree than their pasta-eating counterparts.
  • In Italia everybody includes a mobile phone. It’s exactly the same in France. The Italians yak efficiently on their own phone while doing from driving, scooting and eating to walking and dealing. In France They appear more disciplined about not using mobile phones in moving transit. It may be that it's illegal in France. On the other hand, it's most likely illegal in Italia too.
  • In Italia you are able to use coffee shop restrooms even if you're not really a customer, without sneaking in just like a criminal. Ask nicely and admission is going to be granted. In Paris I have experienced some desperate moments of urgent need and adamant refusal. I've now resorted towards the manner of « don’t look, don’t tell » when entering a café looking for a rest room. I began to keep my mind lower and also to beeline right to the restroom as though it were probably the most natural factor on the planet. And delay pills work!
  • Italian couples around the beach, are, well, confident with PDA (public displays of affection). I rarely visit the beach in France and so i can’t discuss what it's like.
Need I only say more – Beach in Italia  this This summer!
  • In Italia I've rediscovered how you can be chatty and smiley with shop proprietors and restaurant staff, something I'd forgotten in France.
  • In Paris I've perfected the skill of pretending to not see people I am aware because they are pretending to not see me. In Italia they give you credit, smile and say hello! I’m gonna try that in Paris and find out the way it goes….!


To become ongoing with my observations on variations between Italians and French themselves! How about you? Inform us your individual encounters on existence in France, Italia, Europe and beyond …

Existence in Italia versus. Existence  in France part 2

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