Sparklife » my french adventure: daily existence in france

Sparklife » my french adventure: daily existence in france gastronomic restaurants, and every one

LadyM continues her mission to make us die of jealousy even CHORES are enjoyable in France!—Sparkitors

The Supermarket: What is a stunningly boring chore for those my existence has new meaning. French supermarkets are great!

To begin with, the shopping carts are seriously harmful. In your own home, the carts have swivel wheels right in front and glued wheels within the back. Here, carts have FOUR SWIVEL WHEELS. So you are sliding everywhere, you are able to move perpendicularly, so when the cart is full you need to swing your physique weight from the motion from the cart to alter direction. It is a definite safety hazard… and it is SO. MUCH. FUN.

Next, there is a party section. It is a guy who sells scrumptious food in the French Islands, and that he always blasting Caribbean music. He’s also always hitting on me, and If only he’d stop since it makes me very uncomfortable. Although not so uncomfortable that I’m not going his shrimp cakes.

And finally although not leastly, it’s exciting because your meals are different. The yogurt and cheese sections are adequately sized to fill 10 Canadian supermarkets. You will find much more veal and sausage and intestines and tongue, and the majority less ground meat and burgers. Much more wine and chocolate. Much less chips.

OK, so perhaps I am easily excited. However I don’t care—after I finish this short article, I am likely to have fun with a shopping cart software.

A Tragic Loss: I’d a tough spell a couple of days ago: I broke two pairs of footwear in as numerous days. First, the strap broke on my small beautiful, beautiful Hunter boots. It was merely a small tragedy because the problem was solved with some superglue fortunately, straps are strictly decorative. Another 1 / 2 of the catastrophe was graver: my nice flats that match everything split in two. Much like that. I had been very sad to determine them go… however it provided a reason to visit shoe shopping, in order to hardly complain. I were left with something similar to this, except deep blue and a bit better. Or possibly I am just biased.

OK… I must express it: Don’t you board my blue suede footwear!

Some Tourism: Most lately we visited La Haras National du Pin. If you are a horse person and you are in the region, you have to go—it’s a reasonably large deal. They refer to it as "The Versailles for Horses," also it was commissioned by Louis XIV. The creatures are gorgeous we met a stallion whose stud charges were greater than the typical American makes each year. We met horses which are more vital than he’ll make in the lifetime. Their stalls are better than The house (admittedly, easy we are in the middle of renovations therefore the family room appears like certainly one of Dexter’s kill rooms, without the corpse). I felt pretty great because my horse trailer is better compared to ones I saw there. I must admit, I acquired just a little drooly within the gorgeous beasties. My mare’s a stunner… however i certainly wouldn’t avoid riding one of these simple guys.

McDo’s: That’s French for McDonalds. The McDo’s in France are très fancier than in your own home. Those I’ve been to are as tastefully decorated as five star gastronomic restaurants, and every one has McCafe’s with pastries and Starbucks-like drinks. One problem: they do not mix your McFlurries here. And also the French are really shocked in the suggestion that possibly McFlurries ought to be mixed. Also shocking and horrifying: my (admittedly strange) practice of dunking fries in frozen treats. But seriously… so great. Who’s beside me?

A Gustatory Disaster: As you’ve most likely determined, I enjoy the meals here. It’s all regulated bread and cheese and cream. Very fattening and very scrumptious. I really like everything.

Just about everything. A few days ago I attempted something known as Andouillette. With no words will be able to consider to explain the knowledge work with this website. So I am likely to borrow in the much politer Wikipedia. "As with every tripe sausages, andouillettes are an acquired taste. Their strong smell could be similar to feces and could offend people unaccustomed towards the dish."

It had been intestines. Also it sampled like crap. LITERALLY. The very first time within my existence, I really desired to wash my mouth by helping cover their soap.

Concerts: My Frenchfam loves concerts. I’ve found this exciting, since it is not at all something I actually do with my Canfam. I wish to transfer to the neighborhood concert hall. It’s cozy (seats about 100, plus standing room) and acoustically seem (sorry, technerd moment—reflective panels everywhere, as well as an absorptive cork wall within the back).

Sparklife » my french adventure: daily existence in france music, you need to certainly

A week ago, we visited see Asa (pronounced Ash-a). She’s a French/Nigerian singer who speaks British, so at least I had been the one that understood exactly what happening. I was sitting near the rear of the area, however i was still being close enough which i might have hit her having a water gun.

I listen mostly to old music and Broadway music, so prior to the concert I wasn’t acquainted with Asa. But man, was I impressed. She’s not only a singer, she’s a artist, and she or he puts everything into her performance. It had been great watching her move using the music and communicate with her band. And, like a theatre technerd, it had been great watching the seem and lightweight engineers too.

The souly-jazzy-rocky music would be a nice change of pace in the Barbra Streisand marathon I’d earlier that morning, and if you want souly-jazzy-rocky music, you need to certainly check her out. You are able to listen free here… it appears legal.

Music: An audio lesson by Asa, since i have saw her concert. And, look. British! And French! Win! Hello by Yannik Noah foot. Asa

How awesome and various is that this?? It features a fiddle and isn’t lame, therefore it is a computerized win within my books. J’t’emmène Au Vent by Louise Attaque.

Is other people studying abroad at this time? Are you currently getting as entertaining as LadyM?

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Sparklife » my french adventure: daily existence in france guy who sells scrumptious food

Mad Maxine: Life is Tumblr


Spork Person: Should've renamed this Life is Hella Strange

First Last: Welcome to Life is Hella Wrong.

Passport: You think a game like this is bad, imagine going to a school where 97% of the people act just like these characters.

ClassyGrimm: that be hella strange

Quin Skew: Maxine seems like someone that went to an arts school but is easily influenced by retards. Maxine has Stockholm Syndrome in the school. Her leaving that town was the best thing ever.


Rabbox: If you guys tried using your brains for a second you'd realise what Quin Skew wrote were obviously answers to people with deleted comments…\n\nAnd don't try to make me believe you were joking once you realise how stupid you've been

Wake Wind: I liked it. Call teen bullshit mixed with supernatural murder stuff my guilty pleasure.

Lance Leander Cembrano: Eww + yuck.

GlitterGEM: When anime forces lesbians into their shows I mostly hand wave it because 1. Japs be crazy and 2. there is no social agenda behind it.\nWhen western shit pushes lessbionics into their crap there is ALWAYS some bullshit Tumblrina message behind it. \nMakes me rage a little.