Exercises for learning possessive adjectives in french

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Exercises for learning possessive adjectives in French are very essential for native loudspeakers of British due to the many variations between expressing possession in French as well as in British.

In France They Possessive System

Unlike British, French nouns possess a gender a table is feminine while a bed is masculine. In British, all nouns are marked exactly the same (for instance with ‘the’), however in French, ‘the’ should be substituted with articles that marks the gender from the noun. In this way, ‘the table’ and ‘the bed’ in British become: la table and le lit in French. Similar to the definite articles must reflect the gender from the noun, so must possessive adjectives also reflect the gender from the noun.

For instance, if you’re speaking about products within your house, you’d say: ma table and mon lit because table is feminine and bed is masculine. The gender from the speaker matters not one states ma table since the table is feminine, not because who owns the table is feminine. Contrast this with British, where ‘his ring’ and ‘her ring’ make reference to who owns the ring being masculine or feminine, and never towards the gender from the ring itself.

In French, possessive adjectives always accept the noun they precede, in gender as well as in number. The next forms exist:

Resourse: http://french.lovetoknow.com/

French Possessive Adjectives (Masculine Singular)


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