French pronunciation exercises mp3s and pdfs

French pronunciation exercises mp3s and pdfs re more

Why can’t intelligent adults learn French pronunciation? Because nobody is supplying all of them with French pronunciation exercises (until me, so far.)

The error that many French teachers make thinks about the problem when they explain French pronunciation for you, you will be able to remember it. That’s much like me trying to explain to you the way to experience the trumpet or dribble a basketball.

The thing you need is exercises so that you can practice by yourself.

And So I began producing these French pronunciation exercise PDFs and MP3s and delivering these to my students so they could practice their French pronunciation among our weekly tutoring sessions.

I think you’ll enjoy them and I think you’ll call me when you’re ready web hosting pronunciation training! -David Tolman

Note: if you’re more complex, you might like the French pronunciation tutorials here.

Beginning French pronunciation training MP3s and PDFs

In France They é seem

é (acute accent) when compared with e (no accent)

In France They U seem

In France They Ou peut-rrtre un seem

U when compared with Ou peut-rrtre un

The “ER” and “èRE” sounds

Now that you’ve got labored a little with “-er” in the finish of words, you are prepared to have an exercise that may help you switch between “er” and “ère”

e versus ère

The “eU” seem

This throws lots of students but it isn’t very difficult when your teacher can help you tell you it a couple of occasions.

Practice the “eu” seem

Knowing that “eu” seem (above) and also have reviewed the “u” seem, you’ll anticipate to practice switching between “eu” and “u.”

Practice switching between your “eu” and also the “u”

Now situations are beginning to obtain harder…

French pronunciation exercises mp3s and pdfs of them with French pronunciation

This exercise can help you learn how to switch between “eu,” “eur,” “ure,” and “or”

(To make certain you actually obtaining the “eur” and also the “ure” right, you will need someone to hear you while you perform the above exercise. Are you able to get the hands on the native speaker?)

EN, IN, AIN, etc…

“en” at the outset of words

“in” at the outset of words

Learn how to alternate between “en” and “in” (not too easy!!)

“ain” and “aim” in the finish of words

Place it altogether now: practice alternating between “in,” “ine,” “ain,” and “aine.”

French consonant sounds

The S seem (careful: it is sometimes pronounced just like a Z)

In France They G seem


Practice of French "r"


Juan Ledezma: So I seem to be able make the french r sound if I have some spit in my mouth… especially in the back near the uvula. But without spit it sounds like I'm choking. Am I doing something wrong or is some moisture back there necessary! (:

Language City: Bonjour Juan, I don't know about making a split near the uvula. I would say reduce the airway space where the uvula is so that it shakes, if that makes sense :)

Sirène P: Hello\nmay I ask a question?!\nI've watched many videos about "r" and it sounds like all "r" don't sound the same. I don't mean lighter or heavier, I mean different sounds.\nfor example, r in "parfait" and "Merci" isn't like "rue" or "rouge".\nAm I right? or I should listen more carefully?

Language City: You're right. I don't think they do. Overall, I would say that an "r" in the middle of a word cannot be avoided while an "R" at the beginning is lighter. "r" at the end of words can even be skipped sometimes as in "quatre" turns into "cat" when pronounced fast in a sentence. "notre" turns into "not", etc. So in that sense, I wouldn't say it's a different sound, but at least, all "r"s are not the same.

Brian Fearn: Also, after unvoiced consonants (t, c/k, p), R tends to be unvoiced uvular fricative, while after voiced consonants (d, g, b) it tends to be voiced. It can be pronounced voiced everywhere, but it requires more attention and most people do not. One can even do the voiced uvular trill everywhere like George Brassens in his songs but that would sound kind of funny in everyday conversation. :-)

Lori Dyer: Things get exciting around the 4 min mark. 😆😜 rrrrrrrrrrrrr

Johnjohntv 69: My problem is I can't pronounce the 'R' at the start of a word without rolling it. Very frustrating.

Language City: All "r"s are not equal 🙂 If it helps and if it makes you feel better, we tend to skip "r"s when they at the end of a word. Ex: "Je vais être en retard" would be pronounced "Je vais et'en r'tard" by many French people (including me).

mahboobe moradi: merci😊😊

vic: Mercy boku Language City, you're the best. One question- what's the position of your tongue while pronouncing this tricky sound? In the middle of the mouth not touching the upper or lower palate or somewhere else? Thanks