I24news – israel hosts us, french navies for exercises on countering underwater threats

The Israeli navy’s Unit for less than Water Missions held some pot exercise in the last two days, with counterpart units in the navies of both U . s . States and, the very first time, France.

The exercise, held yearly underneath the code name "Noble Melinda", features exercises targeted at countering both conventional and terrorism-related underwater threats using underwater divers.

It was the very first time the French were asked to get familiar with the exercise, which within the last 2 decades, has featured only Israeli-U.S. cooperation.

The U.S. Navy’s EOD Mobile Unit 8 and also the French Navy’s Plongere Demineurs participated. The 3 units focus on thwarting and removing underwater threats using underwater divers.

WATCH: Joint exercise held by naval diving units from #Israel the united states and France from the coast of Haifa #NobleMelinda @USNavy pic.twitter.com/TD6qXTs8Rr

— Shai Ben-ari (@ShaiBenari) This summer 27, 2017

The Israeli Unit for Underwater Missions relies in the Haifa Naval Base and figures some 100 soldiers. The American divers came by plane using their headquarters near Cadiz, The country. In France They unit came by ship using their base in Toulon.

In France They Navy vessel offered because the platform for that joint exercise.

The very first week of drills centered on removing conventional underwater mining threats. A senior Israeli navy officer noted that it is really an area in which the French have great expertise, that the other units could take advantage of.

The 2nd week from the exercise centered on thwarting underwater terrorist threats, a place in which the Israeli navy comes with an unrivaled expertise, based on the Israeli officer.

Also, he noted that both French and Israeli units benefited greatly in the vast experience and abilities from the American unit that has operated in various arenas all over the world.

The drills centered on scenarios and simulations which involved each unit working individually, utilizing their own experience and abilities to get rid of confirmed threat, allowing another participants to look at and discover.

“This year, the very first time, combined with the Americans, we’re practicing using the French navy, “ one Israeli naval officer stated, explaining the drill focused, amongst other things, on locating and clearing water mines.

The Israeli officer noted that later on the exercise will feature soldiers from various nationalities cooperating, mixing expertise to operate perfectly into a common goal.

Shai Ben-Ari is i24NEWS’ Senior Defense correspondent.

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Israeli, US, French Navies practice underwater combat in Noble Melinda drill