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Clean= paul

Snatch= arrach

Squat (air) = flexion (in France)

Squat (weighted) = squat 🙂

The bench press = dvelopp couch

Shoulder press (standing)= dvelopp debout/dvelopp vertical/dvelopp militaire

Lunge= fente avant

Reps= rptitions

Sets= sries

Dips= dips

Powerlifting = pressure athltique

Kip= bascule (although I’d most likely say traction dynamique for any kipping pull-up)

High pull= Tirage haut, Rowing menton (seriously) :rofl:

Front squat= squat avant

SDHP: soulev de terre sumo et tirage haut, I suppose, or SSTH for brief :D. A few of these you need to invent.

Thruster (squat press)= squat avant et dvelopp (another invention)

Many weightlifting exercises were ‘created’ within the Anglo-Saxon world, so French terms don’t always exist, aren’t very standardized or have a tendency to describe the exercise instead of name it. Sometimes demonstrating the movement is the best choice, you are able to refer to it as what you would like. )

That being stated, here are a few links for Canadian terminology, which may not be the identical in France but ought to be understandable.

Olympic weightlifting lexicon

Could not look for a satisfying site for additional obscure lifts or kettlebells (almost uncommon in France)

(all links safe)

Hope this can help


CELIA GABBIANI – CrossFit Athlete: The Best CrossFit Workouts for Women @ France


PrisonEarth: wow those white shorts and doing real pull ups

Amira Atefeh: yeaaaaaah,that's true💪💪💪wow!

Juan Fernandez: Title said crossfit, but those are legit pullups! Nice! Great balance too. Respect.

nimmivids: Crossfit practise many different kind of pull ups, the ones you usually see (and the one people mock) are i think the "kipping" ones or butterfly ones. Its just a different kind of pullups than the straight pull ups, which, people dont realise, they also do.\n\nBut she has bad burpees though…those backs! TBH many fitness videos, even from non-crossfit ones, they always got the burpees wrong even when they aced all the others.

Drake Osuna: Fuck, crosscut is a joke, but damn she's fucking fire

nimmivids: how is it a joke when the practitioners not only look fit but look pretty damn good too?

twin city: Bad Ass! for sure! wow💪🙋🙋🙋💖💖💖

AkuLA Du: My Celia ! <3

Maritza Figueroa: 5'2 😊

Darth vader: If she wasn't a sexy French lady, no one would watch this.