Elementary french i

Elementary french i collection sequence, from simple recognition

Each lesson opens having a video dramatization that sets the context for that lesson. Areas of the recording will be replayed in a number of interactive activities and tutors. Each video within the course was written particularly for everyone because the reason for lesson that can be used. Extremely high quality videos were created with French actors on location in France (Nantes) and Quebec (Montreal) therefore the speech, movements and contexts are authentic.

The start of each lesson is definitely a collection sequence, from simple recognition of language inside a video dialogue, through explicit learning of grammar and pronunciation, to written and spoken manufacture of variations with that language. Following this purchased beginning, numerous activities can be found towards the student where the language learned can be used to understand new texts, sounds or videos or perhaps in creative production (conversation or writing). Lesson tests and final exams, produced by extensive question pools (servings of that are instantly graded), are for sale to students signed up for instructor-brought courses. The Training Dashboard enables for at-a-glance evaluation by instructors of student progress according to each lesson’s learning objectives.

Resourse: http://oli.cmu.edu/courses/free-open/french-i-course-details/

Basic French Lesson 1: Learn basic French


max slv:  why is tu aime and elle amie not t'amie and ell'aime

Livvy: I love speaking French man, wish I knew everything!!

tamanna ahluwalia: This is the best lessons of French thanks xxxxxx

david chapman: \nu say u don't like to vowels coming to gether as in je aime,  do u shorten it to J'aime,  but what about  tu aimes, two vowels coming together there,  and also  elle aime  two vowels following each other there too,  why is that

baileytylerb: Your lessons have so much personality; I love it! You don't drone on and drill repeatedly, you give context and it's much appreciated. Thank you!

Sedona Bookbinder: Je ne suis que douze ans et je peux parler très bien le français. Je vis en France, et je peux aussi parler en anglais aussi! Je suis en huitième année et je suis presque en plein lycée! Ce sera ma première année, mais nous allons étudier l'anglais et je suis très excité! Voici la version anglaise: (Here is the English version!)\n\nI am only twelve and i can speak French very well. I live in France, and I can also speak in English too! I am in eighth grade and I am almost in full high school! It will be my first year, but we will study English language and I am very excited! XD

Tuula Westra: Merci bien mais je deja parle Francais un peu, parece que je me habite au Morocco.

This is Kykyboo: I thought adore  meant  love

This is Kykyboo: well I guess they can mean the samething

Ethan Balsara: sweet and probably the best french learning video