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French 101 - learn french online with free streaming French Pod 101        If

This website was created like a beginning point for those who want to understand more about the French language.

The hyperlinks around the left contain British to French translations along with other tools and info for learning French.

All of the from the information on this website is free of charge.

It’s should have been an origin for that different languages around the globe.

The website is really a one-man project and it is updated periodically and somewhat at random.

French 101 - learn french online with free streaming This website was created like

I’ve some awesome stuff planned for future years, check back for updates 🙂

French Pod 101

If you are searching for any good all-around French program to obtain began with, I suggest

It is a language-learning suite that provides all of you the various tools to understand French at the own pace:

  • A contemporary application for those devices (Android, iPhone, tablets, web)
  • Video and audio training
  • Flashcards for vocabulary
  • Verb conjugation
  • Voice recorder to rehearse pronunciation
  • Interactive quizzes
  • A customized learning program and 1-on-1 instruction can be obtained for Premium Plus plans

Resourse: http://101languages.internet/french/

Learn French in 8 days # Day 1



Muhammadullah0334 Muhammadullah: Miguel Quiniao igvxdfd

Muhammadullah0334 Muhammadullah: LEARN FRENCH WITH VINCENT merci

Jaii Rela: He has the most soothing voice.

Hi Im Faker: +Jaii Rela It's great for the job right

shashwath tiger: ur teaching awesome….and s ur better than my french teach…i hope his is going to help me for the exams

Filipe Maciel: lol :D

HIGHLANDER: Nes A.C. English may not be his first language. I'm a polyglot myself, and this guy may speak many languages like me, which in my case, English is the fourth, and not the last language I've learned. So before judging others, get your facts straight. He may be a lot smarter than you think, and he may even have to be praised instead, to be writing it so well – who knows? Coexist… Bonjour! 😊

J Rod: I want to speak French so badly

Mike: Je ne veux pas parler mal le français; je veux parler français aussi bien que possible.