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Experience comfortable and motivating one-on-one French training out of your home or office having a friendly French native teacher on Skype. The webcam (optional) and also the chat board of Skype both bring an important visual side towards the lesson, making the interaction between your student and also the teacher very obvious and lively. You can follow with ease because the teacher writes the brand new vocabulary, expressions, grammar points and corrections around the Skype chat board. Gain real confidence in speaking while learning at the own pace, and discover the French that you’ll require and employ it immediately!


The Intensive programme includes 5 hrs of French training on Skype having a French native teacher. The training should occur inside a one -week period. Each lesson is adopted with one hour of homework.

This programme is made for students who’ve a pressing learning goal or who’ve some available spare time and would like to work more intensively. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes adopted with one hour of homework.

The training are structured based on your level as well as your teacher works along with you on enhancing your GENERAL French speaking abilities, listening and studying comprehension and ability as a copywriter. The Intensive Training programme is made to provide you with confidence in talking about topics of all the day existence subjects that are based on the situations present in your atmosphere. New grammar points may also be introduced and practiced through exercises til you have an entire understanding about how they work.

Throughout each lesson, the teacher sets French learning goals which is practiced verbally via conversations, different role plays, exercises, games, and question/answer sessions. The aim would be to have you ever feel comfortable through the finish from the lesson using the new information you’ve learned.

Following really are a couple of examples which fall under the course Intensive French training:

-You live in France and would like to talk to the locals, understand French TV, browse the newspaper.

-You will France on vacation and would like to discover the language associated with travelling.

-You like learning French and French culture.

-You have to learn general business language and communication techniques.

-You are seeing a French school and want some assistance using the work in order to enhance your verbal skills.

WHO Will It Be For?

For anybody who can allocate no less than 10 hrs of French learning throughout a given week. You do not need any French chance to learn, beginners to advanced learners are welcome!

HOW Do You Use It?

French studentAfter evaluating your present French level as well as your objectives, an instructor will organize along with you a 1-to-one 50-minute daily lesson in a day and time that’ll be easiest for you personally. The lesson will occur via Internet with Skype. After each lesson, the teacher will be sending 1 hour of homework to accomplish prior to the next day’s lesson.

Throughout the lesson, your teacher works along with you on specific subjects highly relevant to your French learning goals which all will be practiced via different role plays, questions and conversation. Your teacher may also include some grammar exercises. The aim would be to have you ever feel at ease through the finish from the lesson using the new information you’ve learned.

EXTRA: Additionally towards the training and also the homework and to be able to practice your French every day, you’ll be able to participate our forum and react to the"Question of the dayInch in French. After you have responded, the teacher who published the issue will read your response making correctionsby doing this, you will keep to receive ongoing feedback every day. There’s no extra fee with this service.

What’s The COST And The Way To Register?

The cost per lesson decreases with respect to the number

from the training purchased. Your teacher will personalize each lesson with topics of interests that may motivate you. You will get real bang for your buck by having an individualized programme that enables you to definitely make significant progress every week.

The minimum commitment 7 days-lengthy intensive course! (5 training). In case your goal would be to make significant progress, we’d encourage you to register having a bigger package as you’ll take advantage of affordable prices.

If you know the Intensive course is the best choice, then you are able to directly book a bundle by hitting the costs link below. Once you have compensated for the pack of training, please complete the contact page and reveal from the pack that you have purchased. We’ll respond inside a couple of hrs to verify you buy the car and also to set you track of an instructor.

If you like to talk with a Language Consultant first, please complete the contact page and we’ll generate a time and date to consult with you within 24 hrs.


Europe/Asia/Oceania/Middle East residents

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US/Canada/South America


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