Top class: the 8 best sites for online french courses

Searching for online French courses?

Well, get ready for many serious options.

Prepare for the sheer variety that can be purchased in the realm of online French learning.


You could have the support structure of the class and the liberty of independent study.

You could have textbook-like organization and the advantages of technology.

You could have convenience, quality and a learning program that meets your particular needs.

Yep, with regards to a web-based French course, you could have everything.

Whether you’ve arrived at the finish of the self-study materials and you’re searching for any next thing, or you’re jumping into online gaining knowledge from scratch, you might need a little help selecting the best course for you personally.

Don’t worry. Solutions are here!

Exactly What Do I Want within an Online French Course?

Thanks for visiting the internet French course: fun, interactive and, on top of that, readily available. However, not every French classes are produced equal, and when you’re likely to put time right into a course, you would like the very best value possible, right? So you’re likely to want to enroll in the very best and absolutely nothing however the best!

No matter level, you’ll need a French course that’s likely to be about equal parts vocabulary and grammar. For individuals people who actually want to discover the language, a French “word a day” scenario isn’t likely to be enough provide us with the outcomes we would like. Make certain your web French course that can help you learn helpful vocabulary also provides you with in-depth (yet easy-to-understand) grammar explanations.

In addition, good online French courses also needs to have ample exercises and activities built-in to ensure that students get the opportunity to rehearse the fabric they’ve been trained within the course. Remember: The easiest method to advance inside a language would be to take action. Believe to rehearse recently-acquired words or grammar topics compared to with them in activities and exercises which are especially meant for the fabric you simply learned?

Ideally, a web-based course must have features that permit you to grow within the four learning areas: sources for listening, speaking, studying and writing. Obviously, it may be understandably difficult to find web based classes that permit in-depth speaking practice in French, which deficiency is one thing you are able to fill through other means. But at the minimum, studying, writing and hearing French are musts!

The 8 Best Sites for Online French Courses

Bearing in mind exactly what a good online French course needs, listed here are my top eight sites for learners searching for that perfect course.

La Guinguette

The very first website offering French courses on the list is La Guinguette. La Guinguette offers three web based classes for 3 amounts of French: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Regardless of what degree of French you’re at, La Guinguette has a choice for you personally.

The courses at La Guinguette are mainly based on training which include a sound conversation. Each audio conversation involves a specific subject pertinent towards the French learner. Associated notes concentrate on the grammar and vocabulary within the audio conversation to reinforce concepts introduced within the lesson. On top of that, each lesson can also be adopted by online exercises.

Each course on La Guinguette has over 30 hrs of audio that you could download as MP3 files so you can get them anytime. Lastly, students also get access to La Guinguette’s archives, an accumulation of news articles will further advance your French skills.


In situation you do not know, FluentU French is an adaptable online learning solution that allows you to study the French language with the web’s best videos. FluentU takes real-world videos—like videos, movie trailers, news and galvanizing talks—and turns them into personalized learning training. It enables learners to understand French while seeing how it’s utilized in natural, native settings. It’s like immersion with no travel expenses!

The on-display screen enables you to view translations instantly so that you can watch the videos and learn French at the same time frame. For every translation, FluentU offers in-context definitions and great examples so that you can learn how to use the type of French you might hear in everyday conversation.

On top of that, FluentU’s Learn Mode has quizzes to check knowing about it of every video. Since videos can be found in a number of formats and difficulty levels, FluentU is an effective way for novices to learn French after which follow the course because they grow to intermediate and advanced status. FluentU is even like an application.



Babbel is most likely probably the most known and broadly-used online learning platforms worldwide. The courses on Babbel are compensated courses, but rather of the set fee per course, there is a monthly subscription fee that provides you use of numerous web based classes.

Talking about individuals online French courses, Babbel provides them with to learners at the outset of their French journey and also at the intermediate level. Additionally to individuals, Babbel also offers numerous courses that concentrate on evolving a learner inside a specific French skill area for example listening and speaking, grammar or idioms.

With regards to the structure of Babbel’s training, the particular layout varies for every course, but most beginner and intermediate courses have a dialogue with audio coupled with grammatical and vocabulary-building possibilities. Just like another courses described to date about this list, Babbel’s training are followed by exercises to strengthen learned concepts.

Athabasca College

Athabasca College is indeed a college in Alberta, Canada. Being mainly a web-based college, Athabasca offers an array of levels and courses, and luckily, you will find presently 16 courses offered for French. And also you suspected it, all individuals classes are offered online.

While technically you’re having to pay a college-course cost, you’re also technically obtaining a college course. This means that each course is to establish just like a real college course. Most include online interactive classes filled with training, exercises and quizzes in addition to audio and speaking components. In addition, the courses offer students interaction using the professor along with other students.

Athabasca’s advanced courses can be a little less interactive, however they concentrate on material which you may not get in other online French courses. For instance, you are able to fine-tune specific French skills, like writing and studying, as well as take courses in French literature or culture.

On top of that, if interested, students could take courses at Athabasca to do a real degree in french. Discuss legit.

Government of Quebec

While there is a pretty significant application, the federal government of Quebec offers online for free French classes for individuals who live in Quebec or intending to live there.

Hold on, let’s say you aren’t thinking about relocating to Quebec in the near future? You may still access a lot of free exercises and useful links the Quebec government has distributed around anybody.

Government courses and course materials are the easiest method to practice a language educationally aside from a college simply because they have a tendency to educate standard language that learners can use within functional, real-world environments.

You will find courses and materials available for many amounts of French fluency, and every course offers listening, speaking, studying and writing possibilities, in addition to quizzes and assignments.

The state classes are along with a web-based forum as well as an individual tutor for your French-learning needs in addition to a wide array of online sources including dictionaries, verb conjugators an internet-based grammar reference material.

Open Learning Initiative from Carnegie Mellon College

Outdoors Learning Initiative offers two free classes for beginners in french known as Elementary French I and Elementary French II. Of these courses, outdoors Learning Initiative combines standard web based classes with multimedia interactivity. Selection a mixture can there be?

Training both in courses center around real-world videos shot in French-speaking regions like Quebec and France. The courses guide you through fundamental skills for example presenting yourself and food, in addition to French grammar. These topics get increasingly more advanced as you become further in to the courses. In the finish, you will be well-outfitted to go in medium difficulty web based course or follow medium difficulty French self-study program.

The courses here also provide exercises as well as an exam in the finish of every to strengthen the fabric.


Alison offers numerous classes for individuals searching to understand French, beginning in the beginner stage and supplying a couple of choices for more complex learners. The Fundamental French Vocabulary Skills for Everyday Existence course has six modules for college students to start their French adventure. For additional advanced learners, Alison offers Enhancing Your French Vocabulary Skills or even a Diploma in French Language Studies to prove your competency in fundamental French.

For every course, each module features a video handling a specific topic. Later on, the recording results in search for a specific group of vocabulary or grammar explanations. Such grammar topics range from the present, past and future tense in fundamental courses.

The courses offered on Alison are fairly academic anyway. Each module includes an exam, and learners need an 80% in most assessments to pass through the program. You receive several try, though, so have no fear!

Click French

Click French is really a single course for novices that’s available online or being an application for phones and tablets. Interactive training allow students to construct vocabulary in addition to see authentic French in natural settings through audio and video tracks. Each lesson includes grammatical explanations within-depth examples that will help you comprehend the fundamental workings of french.

The very best feature of the course is its interactivity. To assist students speak French naturally, the program includes audio recordings in addition to online teachers, so learners get immediate feedback. It is also jam-full of assessment tools for example tests. These exams are inspired directly through the DELF A1 exam, so when you finish, passing it ought to be simple!

Not really a beginning learner? Don’t scroll past so quick: Click French also provides a Pre-Intermediate A2 e-class.

Using the above sites, you are able to essentially attend a French class without departing your house, but exactly how much that class resembles a conventional the first is entirely your decision.

So look away, and greet the very best French courses the web provides!

Michael Cristiano is a Canadian author and language enthusiast. His latest ramblings on other languages and learning are available on his YouTube funnel, The Polyglot Files.

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