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Why Have fun playing the FLSR Program?

  • Residents in every apartment study and speak exactly the same target language.
  • A Language Company resides in every apartment, modelling correct language usage. Additionally they help students to advance quickly to greater levels

    of proficiency.

  • Participants get yourself a greater understanding and appreciation from the target language culture.
  • Each language house (all apartments with similar target language) is supervised with a Faculty Coordinator. These people from the BYU Faculty meet

    regularly using the language houses, offering assistance and support inside the program.

  • Each language house eats dinner together Monday-Thursday from 6:00-7:00 p.m.
  • Participants sign up for a language course trained on campus, or perhaps an independent academic internship course transported in the prospective language and offered

    with the particular language department.

FLSR Program Eligibility

Full-time BYU students are qualified to use towards the FLSR program. In order to maximize a person’s learning in the FLSR, completing the next

prerequisites is suggested: 102 for ASL, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and German 201 for French and Chinese and 202 for Japanese and Korean.

To Use

Although not mandatory, it is best that you simply consult with a professor who are able to recommend you to definitely this program before you decide to complete the application.

    Application Steps:

    1. Sign in to My Housing Account and choose the "FLSR Program Application"

      in the "Single Housing" tab.

    2. Enter name, year in class, major/minor and GPA.
    3. Complete language preference(s), agreement period, and references.
    4. Complete the FERPA information.*
    5. Read and accept the FLSR Language Pledge.
    6. Submit the applying.
    7. Locate a message indicating delivery of the application. The content will publish around the Forum in My Housing Account.
    8. Watch the content Board for any message in the language’s Faculty Coordinator.

    *FERPA stands for your loved ones Educational Legal rights and Privacy Act. Each student will generate a FERPA Housing Identifier included in the application.

    Anybody calling our office relating to your housing and dining records will have to provide your

    Housing Identifier to get specific information over the telephone. For additional explanation,

    click the link.

If recognized in to the FLSR Program, a notification of acceptance and FLSR room selection date will publish around the Forum. You’ll be responsible

for any $50 Processing Fee along with a $100 Security Deposit, each of

which should be compensated during the time of submitting the Housing Agreement. For those who have an on-campus housing agreement, your security deposit and processing

fee will transfer for your housing deal for the FLSR.

Please Be Aware: Participation within the language house foods are essential, no option.

FLSR Amenities

The FLSR has large common rooms that simply accommodate social activities. Large lawn areas and sport courts also are for sale to entertainment. All

residents are supplied a bed, closet, desk, chair, and dresser.

Each apartment has a refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, dishwasher, ironing board, couch, table, chairs, television, and DVD player. Laundry

Byu on-campus housing Read and accept the FLSRfacilities can be found easily inside the complex.

Rental Rates and sophisticated Fee

Rates include all utilities, wi-fi access*, and Residence Existence activities. A $30 late fee is assessed to people who have an

outstanding balance following the tenth.

The School of Humanities charges an intricate Fee to pay for program costs, including dinner four nights per week (Monday – Thursday). This fee is published towards the student’s My Financial Center.

On-campus residents should obtain BYU parking registration and park in appropriate college parking BYU lots. Parking on neighboring residential

roads causes congestion and

inconvenience and it is frustrated. FLSR residents don’t need to pay to fit in designated parking in the FLSR Halls complex.

*Each FLSR apartment is furnished having a router for access to the internet.


Summer time 2017 – $452, $136 complex fee

Fall-Winter 2017-18 – $2,870, $550 complex fee

Winter Only 2018 – $1,429, $275 complex fee

See the full payment schedules

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Have Questions?

Contact the FLSR Program Office at:

3086 JFSB, Provo, UT 84602