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France has greatly influenced the civilized world for years and years and it is culture still plays a huge role today. Greater than 260 million people on five continents speak French. It’s the official language of 70 nations and also the second most generally studied language, after British.

France delivers affordable quality education to students around the globe, to be the 4th most widely used place to go for worldwide students.

Student details about metropolitan areas in France

Get the best details about what to anticipate when studying in top metropolitan areas in France. Find out about degree course offers, career possibilities, student existence, living costs, and much more.

  • Study in Paris
  • Study in Marseille
  • Study in Bordeaux
  • Study in Grenoble
  • Study in Toulouse
Greater education system

Smaller sized class sizes and involved instructors offer students the attention and time they have to learn, inquire and receive assistance.

Greater education in France is split between grandes écoles and public universities. Admittance to grandes écoles needs a senior high school diploma + 24 months of more senior high school studies. Master programme specializations offered within the second year of study are generally research-oriented or professionally oriented. Frequently, graduate programmes can be found in cooperation with several institutions, permitting a bigger number of courses.

Employment oriented Professional Licences can also be found. Ongoing education programmes consider professional experience.

Education and research

In engineering schools and also the professional levels of universities, a sizable share of teachers consists of part-time professors hired to educate just one subject. They’re usually professionals employed in research institutes or relevant industries. Generally, scientific studies are transported in scientific establishments found on college grounds, operated both by scientists by the college staff.

General application needs

Based on your country of origin you may have to follow along with any area of the steps below to be able to affect a French college:

  • Complete the college application. You may want to include photo identification.
  • Provide evidence of a higher school diploma.
  • Some colleges will need an itemized essay relating to your curiosity about the research.
  • Provide evidence of British language proficiency.
  • It’s also wise to mention if you’re planning on receiving educational funding in the collage.

Every individual college might have additional specific admission criteria.


Non-EU students have to supply the following additional documents:

  • A duplicate of the passport in addition to a photograph of passport size
  • Proof that you’ve a lengthy-term study Visa.
  • A duplicate of the birth record is required whenever you affect a French college, in addition to a certified translation showing the birthplace of each of your folks.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to be able to cover your expenses while attending school.

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Look at this article and discover additional information on how to affect a French college.

Student support

Worldwide students benefit from the same benefits as local students when it comes to tuition charges, coverage of health and housing assistance. Universities organise shows and hold conferences, workshops, parties and outside activities in their student integration policies.

Study options include full-some time and part-time studies, with flexible class schedules. Some universities offer online study programmes. Every college comes with an internship referral system along with a career services office that inform students of accessible internships and job possibilities.

In France They government supports a lot of the expense of attending college in the united states. Simplified visa regulation and worldwide recognized diplomas encourage worldwide student enrolment. Condition funded agencies promote French greater education in foreign countries.

Languages of instruction

Based on a study in the Institute of Worldwide Education (IIE), France ranks within the top host Countries in europe for British-trained Master’s programmes. French universities use British in lectures and workshops designed for Masters courses on subjects for example sciences, technology, financial aspects and business – where a type of global English is just about the standard. This will make France a great location to study abroad and take advantage of courses trained in British.

There are other than 450 British-language programmes at either undergraduate or Masters level. An array of programmes locked in French, make a great chance for worldwide students to slot in and expand their communication skills. Students searching to review abroad in France will benefit from your growing quantity of bilingual study programmes (part French, part British courses), designated to assist foreign students learn French with minimum effort.

Students originating from countries where French may be the official language or among the official languages, are exempt from showing their French proficiency.

British language preparation for studying in France

Build up your academic British vocabulary skills to meet up with the British language needs at French universities offering degree studies for worldwide students. Choose an British language school all over the world and pick your chosen British exam preparation course from diverse language course options.

Student Visa

Students from some countries don’t require a visa when they intend to study in France for any period shorter than 3 months.

You have to obtain a lengthy-stay visa if you are considering studying in France in excess of 3 months. You have to affect a French embassy or any other consular authority inside your country.

You’ll want a passport that’s valid for three several weeks beyond the expiration date of the studies.

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Should you come to study in France?


Lucien LH: This is a personal point of view but I think it is worth being shared. I am 17 year old French boy who left the French educational system to do the IB in England and I have absolutely no regret. To me, the French system is very academic and does not value the person that is behind the grades. For this reason, I don't think I will ever come back to France to study because (I have done some research and talked about it with counsellors about it) universities tend to still be very focused on academics. I am thus looking more towards UK universities which tend to favour interaction much more. However, if your goal is to improve in French: go for it. I'd say that immersing yourself in the culture is the best way to master a language. 

Pradeep Balara: Antastesia hey.. i want to do my master's in IB from paris,, is that good… can u help becaus i have no idea about France..

krishnendhu chakra: hello ,how is there studying in poland? i was planing to do masters in agh

suremate: I'm studying in Paris, in a programme taught entirely in English. The level of French spoken by my classmates is very low, some still can only say a word or two, so you don't necessarily need to speak French fluently or even well to come study here (although it certainly makes navigating daily life much easier).\nAlso, at least at my business school there are heaps of student associations that you can get involved in and everyone is happy to make friends and hang out.\nBtw, the discounts are not student discounts but "youth" discounts. If you are a student but over 26 you usually don't get squat. E.g my "passe navigo" costs me 70 Euro a month, while my friend who is 23 is entitled to the "imagine R" and pays half this for the same zones. This is extremely frustrating since I'm just as poor.\nApparently you have no business being a student in France if you are over 26 (although for some things the cutoff is 28).

inspiration videos: suremate is that sure that after completing my MS in mechanical engineering i get job in France.

porcelaindolli3: I'm American and I WILL make it over there one day soon :)

Antastesia: i'm crossing my fingers for you!:)

PRATIK SHAW: even I'll be gng to france next year for my MBA workshop :D

Nita G.: I always love seeing your videos in my subscription page

Deborah Edosa: When you remember you're English so lots of these opportunities aren't available to you.