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Thanks for visiting the 1 Department of Other Languages. Our department is the second biggest

within the College of Liberal Arts, employing 12 full-time faculty people, several part-time

instructors and seven graduate assistants. We provide instruction at various amounts of proficiency

in six languages: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin and Spanish. We provide a

B.A. in Romance languages with concentrations in French and Spanish. Students may

also want to develop a minor in Spanish or French. 1 provides a Summer time Study-Abroad Program in Panama And Nicaragua , as well as in Montpellier, France. Other 1-directed worldwide programs

include one out of the town of Innsbruck, Austria. We supervise several exchange

programs e.g., 1 – Université d’Orléans, France. Upon graduation, our majors may

pursue advanced studies in online resources Arts in Romance Languages (options in French

and Spanish). All of our majors and graduated pupils are qualified for yearly departmental

awards too.

The town of recent Orleans’ unique background and special mixture of cultures offer students

of other languages a propitious atmosphere, especially in the francophone and

hispanophone areas. A condition-of-the-art language laboratory enables our students to

Department of other languages research and teaching activitiessupplement their class use additional contact with the word what of the interest.

Our faculty participate in research and teaching activities all over the world, from Argentina

to Romania, and from France to Israel, thus adding towards the internationalization

from the curriculum within the College of Liberal Arts and also at 1 in general.

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