The programs below are for sale to students searching to go to the united states. Go to the specific program to understand more about the chance and also to complete the application.

GE3: France, Universite Technologique de Troyes (UTT) (Exchange)

The program, offered with the Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3), is definitely an immersive experience for college students majoring in engineering, computing, and informatics to enhance their vocabulary skills and explore their academic interests from the French perspective. Universite Technologique de Troyes (UTT) is situated in the northeast of France, about 1 hour 30 minutes from Paris. Coursework is trained mainly in French with British tutoring available, which means this program includes a pre-requisite of FREN 310. It is provided to pre-Juniors and juniors during fall and spring terms.

GE3: France, Institut National plusieurs Science Appliques (INSA Lyon) (Exchange)

Institut National plusieurs Science Appliques (INSA Lyon) is rated among the top universities of science in Europe. Students in engineering and knowledge technologies come with an chance to enhance their French vocabulary skills and walk into their culturally enriched history. Situated in the centre of Europe, Lyon is the second biggest city in France. Courses are trained both in French and British and brought with local and worldwide students. This program runs within the fall or spring having a language pre-requisite of FREN 103. INSA Lyon also provides an “IST British” track during fall term for college students in informatics and computing.

GE3: France, Computing & Informatics in Lyon

INSA Lyon provides the IST British option through three of the engineering departments (Telecommunication, Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering) together with three research laboratories. Students take courses during these subjects, in addition to a French language class, and research study. The program is provided fall term to pre-juniors and juniors within the College of Computing and Informatics. FREN 101 pre-requisite.

GE3: France FAME Electrical Engineering Spring

In France They American Exchange (FAME) is provided by Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Electronique et de ses Applications (ENSEA), which is situated in the college capital of scotland- Cergy-Pontoise, a suburb of Paris. Students come with an chance to enhance their French vocabulary skills and also to explore their academic interests from the French perspective. The program is provided spring term to electrical or computer engineering students and it has a language pre-requisite of FREN 101.

Drexel in France: Ecole Superieure du Commerce Exterieur (ESCE) (Exchange)

Ecole Superieure du Commerce Exterieur (ESCE) is among the top French business schools, located in the middle of Paris, inside a living quarter comprising greater than 22,000 companies. Courses are trained in British and French and therefore are taken with French and worldwide students. This program runs fall term only and it has a language pre-requisite of FREN 103. Students having a majors, minor, or concentration in business are qualified to use.

Drexel in France: CIEE Rennes

CIEE Rennes is really a language intensive program for Worldwide Area Studies majors or minors, or French Minors. This program happens in the Université de Haute Bretagne in Rennes, certainly one of France’s most breathtaking metropolitan areas just two hrs outdoors of Paris. Students possess the chance to review French language, humanities, along with other subjects. It’s offered fall term only and it has a perquisite of FREN 310.

Drexel in France: Sciences Po

Sciences Po is recognized among the top schools for social sciences on the planet, composed of seven campuses across the nation, each having a distinct geographical focus: South and north America, Africa, Asia, the center East and Europe. It’s a highly worldwide college with students from 130 counties and courses trained in 18 languages. All campuses possess a lively mixture of culture and language along with a strong communal feeling. This program is available to Worldwide Area Studies majors or minors, or French Minors having a language dependence on FREN 310.

Drexel in France: Summer time in Montpellier

The summer time in Montpellier 5 week program is an ideal chance to see the life-style of southern France through coursework and many possibilities look around the country. Drexel students is going to be brought to the wonder and excitement of the dynamic cosmopolitan city using the provincial charm and elegant lifestyle of southern France. Offered throughout the summer time term, classes are trained in British and a few French, thus the word what requirement is FREN 101.

Drexel in Paris and London: Dual City Summer time

The Twin City Summer time program is definitely an chance to review in 2 major European capitals in a single term. Students will expend 4 days at Ecole Superiere de Commerce Exterieur (ESCE) in Paris, adopted by 4 days in the Foundation for Worldwide Education (FIE) working in london. Courses running a business, Hospitality, Merchandising, Language, and Culture are trained by local faculty at both schools for any fully immersive experience. The program doesn’t have language requirement and it is available to all majors.


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Raphaëlle Warin: When I watched the video I was expecting to disagree about all and get angry… but actually, no. Everything is true and nothing is disrespectful against my country, that's great. I'm glad to hear that french people are not that unfriendly. Good video.

Ice ZeroSum: +Emily C Merci beaucoup :)

Emily C: vous etes les bienvenus. :)

Chloé Eleonore: In France it's very important to say hello and thank you

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Nobody special: Not in Texas. You will usually say "Hey" or "Hi" or something similar before ordering. You really should do that in most of the US.

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