French: french language and culture

French: french language and culture for individuals underneath the

Curriculum I: Intermediate French

Prerequisite: Twelve months of school French or equivalent

French 4: Intermediate French (4 units)
French 5: Intermediate French (4 units)

French 4 and 5 highlight the introduction of dental skills through readings and discussion of current socio cultural topics along with the study of pertinent literary texts. A quick-paced overview of grammatical structures helps students speak and write with precision.

Curriculum II: Advanced French

Prerequisite: 2 yrs of school French or equivalent with instructor’s approval. (B average needed in the past French courses.)

French 101: French (4 units)
French 130: French (4 units)

French 101 is made to build up your persuasive, analytical writing while seeking a style that’s the cornerstone from the French republic: ‘les valeurs républicaines’ (Republican values).  What exactly are they?  How could they be expressed?  How can they can fit in the current globalized world? Become familiar with crafting a obvious explanation, create a strong argument, and defend your situation. Additionally to socio-cultural readings, political discourse, and sophistication discussion, you’ll gather information first hands out of your host family that will help you understand and formulate a situation about this subject.

French 130 is supposed to build up your conversational and dental skills while researching the "Paris barricades”—an emblem of Parisian resistance, resilience and freedom. Using excerpts of works of literature, historic documents, and artistic representations as guides, we are investigators, going through the roads of Paris to locate indications of the barricades. Our conversation will start within the 1800s, following a steps of Hugo’s L’ensemble des Misérables and can finish using the aftermath from the May 68 student uprising. We’ll link these Parisians for their modern counterpart.

Curriculum III: Advanced French

Prerequisite: 2 yrs of school French or equivalent with instructor’s approval. (B average needed in the past French courses.)

French 100: Descriptive and Narrative Writing (5 units)
French 107: Advanced Dental Expression (4 units)

FR 100: The lively, distinct neighborhoods of Paris supply the perfect backdrop for developing the strategy of description and narration. You will be taught certainly one of Paris’ many quartiers whose sights, sounds, monuments and residents you’ll talk about. Additionally, you’ll select an element of great interest for you within the capital which you’ll explore and talk about at length. Your more formal writings, along with your blogs, sketches and photos will lead to some portfolio which you’ll submit in September upon your return.

French 107 is supposed to build up your fluency in spoken French having a focus on conversational, presentational and persuasive skills. Daily contact with in france they media and current occasions will give you an emphasis for sophistication discussion. Become familiar with how you can view occasions from diverse perspectives. Your capstone project would be the presentation of "Paris componen Théme" towards the group.

Helpful Websites
All you need to learn about Paris
French Publish Office, Euro info and ‘cyberposte’ (email)
The neighborhoods (quartiers) of Paris that you’ll be visiting – and perhaps covering!
Browse the plays that’ll be showing only at that historic theater close to the Louvre.  The dialog is tough for individuals underneath the Advanced level.
Great website for concerts, films and theater.
Practical information on trains, metros and buses.  For example recommendations for dealing with center Paris in the airport terminal.
Official site concerning the ch√¢teau and tourist destinations to go to nearby.
Virtual tours,special collections and occasions.
Virtual tours,special collections and occasions.
Tourist information and directions on ways to use the métro.


Please make reference to the program training for grading details.


You have the effect of purchasing your personal textbooks. Details about needed texts will be delivered to participants early in the year.

The manuscripts purchased in the UCLA book shop and Course Readers Material ought to be available by June 1. If you fail to arrived at the UCLA campus, please call the UCLA book shop (310) 206-0791, and Course Readers Material (310) 443-3303, to set up for shipment.

It’s also suggested that you simply buy a good Paris guide, for example National Geographic, Eyewitness or Knopf to understand the various quartiers of Paris.

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