French language and literature : program information

French language and literature : program information senior high

In France They program emphasizes a vital knowledge of in france they-speaking world by concentrating on vocabulary skills, analytical tools, and study regarding a number of types of cultural expressions. These research is one efficient way of gaining a much deeper understanding around the globe, which is a vital component of a liberal arts education. The department offers courses in French literature and culture and also the literatures and cultures of Francophone Africa, Canada, Asia, and also the Antilles. Students of French may study abroad in Strasbourg and Clermont-Ferrand in France as well as in Dakar, Sénégal.

Coursework and off-campus encounters are complemented by on-campus possibilities that maintain and improve a student’s vocabulary skills and expand students’ knowledge of the Francophone world. These possibilities include viewing French language films, studying French publications, speaking with classmates and native loudspeakers in the French table, go to area cultural occasions. 

French language and literature : program information professional opportunities in music

Faculty people meet students inside and outdoors the classroom, take part in campus activities, and counsel students regarding graduate and professional opportunities in music, senior high school and college teaching, science, publishing, government, worldwide trade, worldwide banking, non-governmental organizations, along with other fields. French students at Kalamazoo College have maximum acceptance when trying to get French government teaching assistantships for teaching British in France after graduation.

French language and literature : program information science, publishing, government, worldwide trade

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benvolio mozart: may i attend this course ? the students are gorgeous !!!

Gilbert Youmans: The people are beautiful there!\n

Calvin Oleary: Do I need to already know the foreign language before I go on a program like this?\n