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French Language and Culture Level 1

When completed of the course, students will be able to make use of the present and not too distant future tenses to conduct fundamental conversations and write brief sentences about a variety of everyday topics. This program aims to supply beginning students having a practical command from the vocabulary and grammar from the language. Topics include pronunciation, counting, indefinite articles, interrogatives, infinitive expressions and conjugation of common verbs. (Contacts, eighth edition, Training 1-8)

French Language and Culture Level 2

Building upon the abilities studied in Level 1, students will enhance their conversational precision by significantly developing their vocabulary in addition to by understanding how to make use of the compound past tense. Grammatical topics include possessive and demonstrative adjectives, idiomatic verb expressions, comparatives and superlatives, imperatives, measurement, money and expressions of your time and season. (Contacts, eighth edition, Training 9-13)

French Language and Culture Level 3

Students only at that level will acquire vocabulary on an array of topics and can gain proficiency in expressing wants, needs and obligations. Grammatical topics range from the definite and partitive articles, prepositions, adverbs, idiomatic verb usage, and expressions of quantity and date. (Contacts, eighth edition, Training 14-19)

French Language and Culture Level 4

When completed of the course, students can get to converse on the wide range of topics with greater confidence and precision. Building upon the abilities already acquired, students learn indirect and direct object pronouns, relative pronouns, the pluperfect and imperfect verb tenses, adverbs of your time, and expressions of habitual and progressive action. (Contacts, eighth edition, Training 20-24)

French Language and Culture Level 5

Getting completed Level 5, students can get so that you can discuss numerous topics with relative sophistication in addition to read multi-paragraph texts. Students only at that level discover the future tense, irregular adjectives, conditional expressions, ordinal figures, reflexive verbs and pronouns, the imperative form and expressions of reciprocal action. (Contacts, eighth edition, Training 25-29)

French Language and Culture Level 6

(Contacts, eighth edition, Training 30-33)

Conversational French

The program is made for students who’re already experienced in the abilities trained in Levels 1-5 and who wish to improve their conversational abilities. Conducted entirely in French, this program offers an chance for college students to markedly enhance their speaking and listening skills. Magazines, audio and video tapes, along with other sources made to provide practical possibilities for vocabulary development are selected to complement student interests. Grammatical training are integrated as a result of student needs and objectives.


Since communication inside a language requires an awareness from the cultural context, goal to educate the living language through carefully selected textbooks, newspaper and magazine articles along with other relevant materials, instead of have you ever repeat and commit to memory tourist phrases.

In the last three decades, we’ve reviewed many college-level French textbooks and also have selected Contacts, eighth edition (Houghton-Mifflin) as the one which best match the objectives in our students in beginning and intermediate levels. Teachers provide recommendations for texts and extra materials in the greater levels. Books might be bought at the Barnes and Noble Boston College Book shop, 660 Beacon Street, Boston or online on Amazon .


Tuition for that French program whatsoever levels is $349. There’s a non-refundable $35 registration fee for first-time students only.

Additionally to the core program, we provide immersion programs that go over levels 1 to five in our core enter in 6 days (4 days in summer time). Tuition for that immersion program is $1,745.


FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS: Start Speaking French


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