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Centers in France for study regarding French like a language

Whether you are for a brief or lengthy stay whether you are in Paris a treadmill of France’s regions whether you are beginning a foreign language attend where you started and have very specific objectives—whatever your conditions, you will find a language program that meets your requirements.

"FLE qualité"

Several years back in france they government started a course to award an excellent label to qualifying centers that educate French like a language operating within France. The "FLE Qualité" program identifies, recognizes, and promotes centers where the consumer receives excellent language training.
Go here below to access a listing of all labelled programs, with descriptions from the levels and period of training they offer. "FLE Qualité" programs are located throughout France, both in public universities and schools.

Immersion France

Lately launched through the French government, the disposable application known as “Immersion France” is aimed at putting all of the offers for linguistic stays underneath the spotlight with an array of activities distinctive tailor-made programs.

Behind the internet search engine, a directory links the very best offers of official language centers in France to housing options, cultural, gastronomic, touristic and/or professional activities. The application enables individuals who wish to uncover our country and it is language to get the best offer that suits using their wishes and expectations.

Download the application Immersion France
Soon on Google Play

And before your departure, improve in your French with TV5MONDE as well as your nearest Alliance Française! Look into the links below.

Resourse: http://usa.campusfrance.org/en/page/

CULTURE SHOCK — je suis en france! (French Study Abroad Vlog #11)


Swordevil: J'ai tellement rigoler.\nJ'ai jamais vue ca sous cette angle la :D

Snowdan33210: +Kazuki Hasegawa Apparament elle a fait science Po à Aix…. C'est pas trop dans le nord ça!^^

Hugo Bea: Snowdan33210 J'avoue

ToStand: the "music" in the background is annoying

dark tnt: ikr? its more like brian shock .

Rey Benasfre: ToStand i thought my phone was glitching

Voxxia Sh: Elle est choqué parce que la caissière ne range pas ses courses mdr, j'ai l'impression de vivre dans un pays d'assisté mais là bas sa a l'air pire.\n(Sinon pour la bise j'ai bien rigolé)

Juste Chloé: Voxxia Sh Ouais j'avoue

Les actus: Aux US ce qui m'a le plus choqué c'est que les articles sont mis dans pleins de sacs en plastique!! Genre 3 articles max par sac! A la fin tu te retrouves avec 15 sacs!! Ç'est pas très ecolo je trouves

DeadLight NoTeZ: Bonjour les stéréotypes