Learn french in senegal

Even though the tribal language of Wolof may be the native language on most Senegalese individuals St Louis, French may be the primary language of daily communication in Senegal. Volunteers living and dealing in Senegal will discover that French is really a necessity with regards to buying products inside a shop, communicating with your placement supervisor, or joking together with your host family.

A man wearing traditional clothing plays an instrument in Senegal

If you’re not positive about beginning a placement before enhancing your French, a four-week lengthy intensive language course is really a sensible and useful plan. We offer 60 hrs of 1-on-one classes more than a four-week period with properly accredited French language teachers. On your first lesson your teacher will assess what you can do, and there after the classes is going to be tailored for your level.

The majority of the training occur in the French Cultural Center, on St Louis Island. You will get free membership towards the library and gain free admittance to concerts and movie nights, that are regularly held in the center.

To supplement college you’ll accept a nearby host family, where one can place your new vocabulary into practice. After you have completed a month’s study, you can will continue to spend time on the Teaching or Care project. If you’re searching for any different volunteer or internship placement, there exists a number of projects obtainable in Senegal.

You may also decide to study French while taking part in a volunteer placement. Our 5-hour, 14-hour, or 30-hour French language courses can be achieved alongside your volunteer placement in Senegal to enhance a foreign language skills. If you’re planning on volunteering abroad for twelve days or even more, you might develop a 60-hour course alongside your placement. To learn more check out our Language Add-ons page.

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