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Spanish, the state language in 21 countries (including Puerto Rico), has a minimum of 3 million native loudspeakers in as many as 44 countries, and it is rated the 4th most broadly spoken language behind British (112 countries), French (60), and Arabic (57) (Ethnologue). However, based on studies printed through the Instituto Cervantes, with 329 million native Spanish-loudspeakers, Spanish has arrived at the 2nd most spoken language on the planet after Chinese when it comes to quantity of native loudspeakers, presently exceeding British by a million. The U.S. has greater than 41 million native Spanish loudspeakers and 11.six million who’re bilingual, getting the nation’s Spanish-speaking population to in excess of 52 million. This will make it the second biggest Spanish-speaking country after Mexico. Furthermore, america of Boise State Broncos, Arizona, California and Texas possess the greatest concentrations: 38 percent of California’s human population is Spanish-speaking. It’s predicted that by 2050, the U.S. might have more Spanish-loudspeakers than every other country. Using these details in your mind, it is important to make Spanish-language practice a possibility for Biola’s students with the Spanish program.

G.E. Spanish Curriculum

To assist students satisfy the general education language requirement, so that as a basis for upper-level Language study, the Department of contemporary Languages offers three semesters of Spanish like the three-semester sequence of other offered languages. These 3 classes are: Elementary Spanish 101, Elementary Spanish 102, and Intermediate Spanish 201. This training program alone will help you to fulfill the G.E. language requirement with Spanish, and will start to help you prepare to reside, work and serve inside a country where Spanish is spoken. Furthermore, this training program prepares students to broaden their Biola Language education to have interaction with advanced grammar, vocabulary, conversation, composition, Spanish-American literature, Latin-American belief and culture, drama and history.

Spanish Major

A Bachelor of Arts in Spanish is conferred upon the conclusion from the college baccalaureate having a Spanish major within the three concentrations: Generalist in Spanish, Professional Spanish and Spanish for Secondary Education. A lot of students are anticipated to keep a portfolio using the department which will cumulatively showcase their progressive language development with time the portfolio may also provide students the chance to integrate belief and discipline. Check out the Spanish major information page for concentration course needs.

Other languages - general education - biola college than 41

All Spanish majors are strongly asked to take HUFS 299 Travel Practicum, HUFS 334 Community Spanish, and/in order to study abroad for any semester. Begin to see the Department of contemporary Languages to learn more.

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Arabic Language at Biola University, California


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