Paris, france summer time study abroad programs – isa

Paris, france summer time study abroad programs - isa through the time period

The program offers students the chance to consider business and culture courses trained in British using the added choice of French language instruction. Additionally, it includes an experiential learning course entitled "Culture & Careers", which is supposed to expose students to cultural, linguistic, and career development possibilities inside a French context. The program is an ideal match for college students who would like to get ready for a effective business career within the most enjoyable and dynamic metropolitan areas on the planet.

Throughout the program, students may choose 1 of 2 course options:

Option 1: 2 Business/Culture Courses

Option 2: 1 Business/Culture Course + 1 French Language Course

Both options includes the Culture & Careers extension course that will weave its way through the time period of this program. Nearly all hrs allocated to this program will occur following the traditional courses finish at the end of June.

Business and Culture Courses:

Business and elective classes are held in the primary campus from the American Business School Paris and therefore are trained by host college faculty and visiting U.S. faculty. As the program is available to worldwide students, most the participants are United States.

French Language Courses:

French language courses are for sale to students all language backgrounds, in the true starting to the highest language levels. Via a pre-departure online placement exam, students is going to be put into the best French language course to promote their linguistic growth. Courses concentrate on the competencies of written and verbal communication and comprehension. These classes consist of worldwide students of all the corner around the globe, supplying students with distinct perspectives and environments by which to learn. All French classes are trained in French by host college faculty in the Institut Catholique de Paris in the Institut de Langue et de Culture Française (ILCF).


Transcripts out of this program are provided through the ABSP and also the Institut Catholique. For college students whose home universities need a U. S. transcript to be able to transfer credit for that business courses, ISA has partnered with California Lutheran College to function as a School of Record. Please speak to your ISA Program Manager as quickly as possible for those who have confirmed together with your college that you’ll want a U.S. transcript.

Gap students, 18 years of age and older, are qualified with this program.




Ada banana.: i love y'all so much, y'all have actually got me into languages now so im taking a french course and use duolingo for forty minutes each day. i plan on going to france for a month by the end of my school term as well. if anyone has any tips for me for what else i could be doing to learn french i would appreciate it!

Adrien HM: Transports in Paris –> USE "Velibs" ! THE PARIS BIKE SERVICE ! 20€ THE ENTIRE ONE YEAR (sounds expensive ?? ITS NOT) and then YOU can USE a velib AT anytime at every velib station around Paris and THE close cities !! And there are A LOT OF THEM ! The first 30 minutes of USE are Free then ITS like 1€/hour BUT PLEASE, just put your velib back and take an other ONE and ENJOY your next 30 minutes for Free With THE new velib !!! Way cheaper than THE Metro or buses PLUS make you do sports !!!

somethingellie: did you guys get to go to Lyon? studied abroad there last year and luuuuved it literally my favorite city in france

Evie Masters: oh my goodness its like my dream to study abroad in paris and this makes it seem so real

Maddie O: Omg, that's so cool, how can I go to school there? I always wanted to go to Paris.

Lulu Kastagnette: Paris is great, but other cities in France are excellent too! Don't forget to take a look at all the other universities in smaller cities/town all over the country where the prices are lower and the schools smaller (you will be less anonymous than in big universities)! ;-)

Matheus Teobaldo: Quando voces vem para o Brasil aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa please

Asiyah Robinson: You 2 deserve so many more subscribers

joannajg13: Damon and Jo you guys gave me the push to study abroad in Paris! I am currently here!! My advice would be if your study abroad program can get you into CROUS housing do it! I pay 300 for my own apartment with everything! Also, if you want to meet more people go to french and english speed dating (its more like speed talking) lol you spend 5 min speaking in English and 5 min in French with Parisians :)

Soul Haze: This video made me cry. I got to study abroad in Lyon for 4 months and I miss it everyday! Everything you all said is what I used to do. I miss walking by the river and taking the tram to school at 730AM. I miss it all!