Scholarships for french language and literature students

For those who have an interest in french and discover yourself nodding agreement having a “Oui” rather of the “Yes” you may decide to contemplate it seriously like a full-time degree pursuit. Regardless of whether you decide to major or minor in French, in order to finish college by having an undergraduate or perhaps a graduate degree, study regarding French often means an extensive selection of career options and special possibilities available and you like a linguist.

The opportunity to speak several language fluently is extremely searched for after in lots of disciplines, and french is really major – as is actually spoken by 70 million people worldwide – and utilized as base for thus many other languages that it is advisable to many important matters of politics, financial aspects and business.

Individuals students of French who aren’t thinking about ongoing training beyond the undergraduate level will discover career possibilities the actual regions of business, gov departments, or non-profit organizations, while individuals with graduate levels and greater might find ample possibilities within the academic field of professorship or writing.

French language scholarships

If you’re focused on the quest for French as the selected field of study, be assured that there are many educational funding options may combine to produce a promising financial package to finance your courses within the language. Because of the support of worldwide-minded organizations and benefactors, scholarship grant programs have established yourself whatsoever levels to help students thinking about going after studies in French, both language and literature.

Scholarship Grant Programs

American Association of Teachers of French

The Walter Jensen Scholarship for Study Abroad is provided every year to some U.S. citizen or perhaps a permanent resident who’s a non-native-French speaker. Applicants should be signed up for a certified teacher education enter in French. Additionally, applicants with this scholarship should be backed with a teacher who is part of the American Association of Teachers of French.

The $1,500 award will be used toward the price of tuition, charges, room and board, or travel expenses for whether semester or yearlong program of study inside a Francophone country.

American Foundation for Translation and Interpretation

Whilst not particularly for the language, this scholarship backed through the AFTI is really a valuable $2500 gift awarded to some student involved in a diploma program associated with translation or interpretation, including French. The qualified applicant for that JTG Scholarship in Scientific and Technical Translation or Interpretation is going to be a minumum of one year to their studies of language and can have proven significant progress and outstanding capacity in French translation or interpretation, whether dental or written. The AFTI scholarship is exclusive since it is not associated with any particular college, and is fantastic for a student dedicated for the subleties and technicalities of linguistics.

The School of Wooster, French Department

Students at Wooster in Wooster, Ohio who’ve distinguished themselves educationally in locations of French literature, language, and civilization and who are able to demonstrate financial need are asked to try to get a scholarship the actual Frances Guille-Secor Memorial Fund.

The G. Pauline Ihrig Fund in French offers funds to help students who’ve achieved kudos in the publish-secondary level and demonstrate financial need. Preference with this there’s help given to students studying French with excellent grades within the language.

The Building Blocks for Democracy in Africa

African students wanting to pursue a diploma in liberal arts, including French Language and Literature, in the New College of Florida are qualified to try to get the African Scholarship Program.

Interested persons should have completed the school placement exams offered within their home country in photography equipment. Additionally, a score of 560 or greater around the paper version or 220 or greater around the computerized form of the TOEFL is needed. Contact the brand new College of Florida for additional info on applying.

Texas Tech College, Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures

The Beatrice W. Alexander Scholarship in French is provided every year to students majoring in French at Texas Tech who’ve shown excellent academic abilities and participated in Department-backed activities. The quantity of funding found here is $500 each year.

Every year, students majoring in French may also receive financial the help of the Wendell E. McClendon Scholarship in French program. Preference will be presented for an individual from the suburbs. Both scholastic achievement and financial need is going to be considered when selecting the scholarship recipient. See Texas Tech for info on applying.

Weber Condition College, Department of Other Languages and Literatures

Full-time French majors at Weber in Ogden, Utah are qualified that need considering for that Gwen Johnson Scholarship, that is a tuition award for just one semester of study. The absolute minimum GPA of 3. is needed preference will be presented to individuals who are able to demonstrate financial need.

Furthermore, two French Merit Scholarships in the quantity of $500 each are awarded yearly to Weber students. These funds were designed toward the price of study abroad inside a Francophone country.

The School of William and Mary

This school, situated in historic Williamsburg, Virginia, is saturated in American and European contexts while offering the highly-considered McCormack-Reboussin Scholarship for Rising Seniors in French & Francophone Studies. The award is really a tidy $12,000, split up into two sums focused on tuition for that senior’s final year in addition to a portion for study in France throughout the summer time. Comprehensive research proposal and plan useful for that funds should be associated with students’s complete application.

The College of South Dakota

Students wanting to study French in even this type of faraway place as may have their chance, because the College of comes with an extensive language department while offering two scholarships just for French majors. The Alexander P. Hartman Scholarship and also the Constance Hampl Scholarship receive yearly to students who’re exemplary within their academics generally in the college and within French. For that latter, students must always continue a minimum of a 3. GPA, as well as for both, students must show major achievement in section.

Further Options in french

College in French may open many global doorways, most of which by no means even understood existed. You will find numerous possibilities for travel, translation, operate in political matters and peace-making, literature writing, and teaching which are only open to the bi-lingual student in French and British.

Make the most of every other sources which may be open to you by calling the educational funding office of the college to determine whether they provide any more financing for individuals planning to study French language and literature. An chance such as the ones open to students in the College at Wooster or Weber Condition may be located a person inquire around the department micro-level. The research abroad department of the school might also possess some sources to talk about, particularly if provide research abroad enter in France and language courses to visit together with it. Other relevant organizations in your neighborhood which are worth looking at may well be a French-American ambassadorial house or perhaps a French tutoring society.


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