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College of Paris 1—Pantheon-Sorbonne School

J.D./M1 in French Law

The J.D./M1 dual degree program in the College of Paris 1—Pantheon-Sorbonne School (the Sorbonne or Paris 1) is fantastic for students who desire to practice law both in the U.S. and France. It provides an entire training program both in legal systems, affording students an very high way of measuring preparation for that transnational practice of law. Upon the effective completing the 4 many years of study, participants will get the J.D. from Columbia and also the Master one in French law in the Sorbonne.

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Paris, France

Language of Instruction:
French. Columbia Law students are needed to exhibit evidence of their French language proficiency as part of the applying process.

The Paris 1—Sorbonne J.D./M1 is really a 4-year program. It includes 2 yrs of law attend Columbia School adopted by 2 yrs at Paris 1. Upon the effective completing the 4 many years of study, the participants get the J.D. degree from Columbia and also the M1 in the Sorbonne, the most typical pre-requisites to take the bar examinations within the U . s . States as well as in France. Thus, that number normally needed for acquiring these levels (3 years at Columbia and 5 years in the Sorbonne) is significantly reduced.

Students could possibly shorten time in Paris to 1 year, instead of two, when they petition to do this throughout their first semester in the Sorbonne. Then they get a J.D. as well as an LL.M., instead of an M1, and aren’t able to go ahead and take French bar exam.

The educational calendar runs roughly from mid-September to December (with exams in The month of january), and late The month of january with the finish of June. Suggested arrival for college students is throughout the first week of September for Orientation.

Tuition and Charges:
Columbia students pay full tuition throughout the first couple of many years of this program at Columbia. In each one of the third and 4th years in the Sorbonne, students are needed to pay for 50 % from the normal tuition charges. Other charges, including student activity charges, etc. is going to be waived. See below for details about health insurance charges.

Living costs:
Students have the effect of living costs while abroad. These costs include travel back and forth from the foreign country, housing expenses, food, utilities, entertainment, and all sorts of additional fees connected with study abroad. Please talk to work of Worldwide Programs to understand more about living costs in Paris.

The Sorbonne doesn’t have on-site housing facilities. However, students is going to be aided within their housing search, and also the school can occasionally request accommodations inside a student residence, which may be reserved ahead of time. Students recognized in to the program will be presented more information.

Medical Health Insurance:
A lot of students should be taught in French National Student Medical Health Insurance (Sécurité sociale) to be able to be eligible for a full-time student status in France. Students younger than 28 are needed to buy this insurance (roughly 215 euros for any year). This insurance coverage is not offered with the college, but is really a national healthcare service and there’s no choice for a waiver of the requirement.

Students older than 28 aren’t qualified with this student coverage of health. They have to either purchase mandatory coverage of health in a slightly greater rate or prove their existing insurance satisfies certain conditions. The Columbia insurance policy does satisfy these conditions and evidence of this is often acquired and posted using the original visa application. Columbia Law students might be needed to pay for medical health insurance charges and health service charges at Columbia if appropriate alternative coverage isn’t acquired.

Important note for worldwide students (i.e., F1 visa holders):
Make sure to talk with ISSO concerning the implications of the worldwide dual degree program for the F1 visa status and OPT. Typically, should you spend your whole 3L year abroad and don’t receive your degree in May of this year, your F1 status will finish when completed of the 2L year. Specific challenges and techniques can vary based on nationality.

Academic Information

Columbia Law Students are needed to keep a complete-time course load when studying abroad. Students who’re recognized in to the Paris 1/Sorbonne program will be presented more specific details about course schedules, and the amount of classes needed to keep a complete-time schedule.

At Columbia School:
Students are anticipated to consider all needed Foundation courses within their newbie. Within the second year, students will need to take 31 credits of U.S. law.

In the Sorbonne
Within the newbie in Paris, students go ahead and take courses trained to French students in the foremost and second many years of school. The curriculum at Paris concentrates on private law courses, and it has been organized to supply students having a solid grounding in French law many subjects covered within the Paris bar.

Paris 1/Sorbonne uses the ecu Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) to find out credits. A complete-time course load consists with a minimum of 30 ECTS per semester.

Grading System
Students are evaluated through formal written examinations and dental exams. Students receive number grades between zero and 20 for individual courses, that are then averaged together in the finish of every year for any final grade. To get a passing grade, and credit from Columbia School, students must score a ten or greater. Students who neglect to get a passing grade (10) are permitted to retake exams in September.

French honors or mention receive the following for final grades:


assez bien



17 or greater

très bien

Students who participate within the dual degree programs will get transcripts in the partner school they attend. The grades earned abroad won’t be for auction on students’ Columbia transcripts. The Columbia transcript will indicate the amount of credits earned while taking part in an worldwide study abroad program.

Pro Bono
It might be possible, when studying abroad, to set up make use of a local nongovernmental organization that will qualify for the fulfillment from the pro bono requirement. Please talk to Social Justice Initiatives for more information.

Application Information

Online applications for those worldwide study abroad programs are open throughout the month of Feb every year. Students who would like to enroll within the worldwide dual degree programs should intend to apply early in the year semester of the 1L year to be able to go abroad throughout their 3L (as well as in this situation 4L) year. At the begining of April, applicants is going to be informed should they have passed the first screening. Follow-up interviews for selected students may also be conducted in French with a fluent French speaker within the Columbia community.

Columbia School Necessitates the following:

  • Columbia School Study Abroad Application, together with a Personal Statement.
  • Resume.
  • The a Columbia School faculty member who are able to submit a short recommendation.
  • Official transcript (i.e., configure LawNet/Make an application for Study Abroad/My Services to permit OIP use of your transcript).

Paris 1/Sorbonne necessitates the following:

  • Nominated students will get additional application materials from Paris 1/Sorbonne.

For up-to-date information, please talk to Columbia Law School’s Office of Worldwide Programs.

Paris 1/Sorbonne School Online

École de droit en Sorbonne

To learn more

Go to the Office of Worldwide Programs in William and June Warren Hall, sixth Floor. There, you will see any extra info on file from your partner schools, in addition to any relevant program evaluations which have been posted by students who’ve took part in this along with other study abroad programs.

Studying abroad continues to be very advantageous for a lot of students who’re thinking about an open interest career, however that the timing of overseas study might also present scheduling conflicts regarding public interest hiring calendars. Please talk to Social Justice Initiatives to find out more.

Audrey Baker
Director of Worldwide Student Exchange and Dual Degree Programs
Office of Worldwide and Comparative Law Programs, Columbia School
Office: William and June Warren Hall, Room 605
Phne 212 854-8170


University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne


AKDGsonic: In France, Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris 1 is the real Sorbonne. University Paris-Sorbonne Paris 4 is just the largest counterfeit of the Sorbonne.

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slydeery: C'est une situation assez triste quelque part, parce qu'elle alimente la guéguerre permanente entre tout le monde.\nMais remarque, ça permet à beaucoup d'étudiant de se réclamer de la Sorbonne en même temps. \nEnfin bref, bon je retourne à mes affaires.\nBon courage pour ton mémoire et bonne continuation ^^.\nEt puis P1 ou P4 c'est pareil en fin de compte. C'est juste une autre manière d'enseigner je crois. \nAllez courage et ciao :)

slydeery: mais de rien. \nToujours content de donner un coup de main. Les étrangers ne risquent pas d'être plus avancés qu'avant avec notre débat. \nLa situation des Universités en France est très compliquée. Quant à savoir, qui est l'héritière de la Sorbonne, c'est un débat sans fin. \nDisons que La Sorbonne en tant que telle est morte sans enfant, voilà. C'est que semble dire la Mairie de Paris. \nLes U, se réclament toutes de son nom, parce qu'elles savent bien que toute leur visibilité dépend de ça. 

slydeery: Yep you're right, because they didn't wanted to give the name Sorbonne to anybody. \nBut since it's the only thing people know out there and since P4 P1 and P3 allready had the name, and use it a lot. They gave it. \nSo now we have Sorbonne universitéS haha Sorbonne paris cité and HESAM which has Sorbonne in it too. \nThey don't wanna decide who has more the right to have it, because they don't wanna disvantage anybody. Besides everybody claim to be the heir of the Sorbonne, they need the name

LikeSunSmile: au temps pour moi. je viens de lire le rapport de Sorbonnes Universités. au environ de 2016, ou un peu plus avant 🙂 \nFaut que j'aille modifié mon mémoire alors. 🙂 merci en tout cas 

slydeery: oups, I meant PIV not PI sorry and it's an endless debate 

slydeery: Well, \nI don't know about HESAM or Paris novi mundi. But I know for sure, that the aim of Sorbonne Universités is the reunion of PI, PII, PVI and more. Around 2016 if everything goes well. \nBut It can be more complicated for HESAM since the insitutions involved are very different (EHESS, EPHE you know what I mean).\nAnd the Chancelerie des Universités, decided to give the administration of the building to Paris 1 but I don't think It means much. They can take it back. \nBut is an endless debate 

LikeSunSmile: Actually,Sorbonne UniversitéS (with a S please), at the begining wasn't allowed to be named like this. however Valérie Pécresse, the secretary of research and higher education allowed because she didn't want to loose more time to establish the association of Paris 2,4,6.\nfuthermore Sorbonne Universités will be more a association university than a strictly University

LikeSunSmile: actually, Panthéon- Assas is the best university for studying Law (except for international law, where Panthéon-Sorbonne is better). For economics, Panthéon Sorbonne still better than Panthéon-Assas. The masters of research are really great. a lot of students in Panthéon-Assas go to Panthéon-Sorbonne to study economics after "Licence économie" (bachelor of arts – economics).\n\nToday, the big U (Sorbonne UniversitéS, or HESAM) do not impact the reputation of Masters, and the ranking 🙂