Concerning the program

Concerning the program array of French schools, Paris

Veritas Christian Study Abroad in Paris, France

Paris having a population 2.15 million and metro population well over 12 million, is draped ever, tradition, culture, and glamour—not to say academia. A middle of learning with an array of French schools, Paris is a perfect place to go for foreign currency and focus abroad students. The Seine River, which bisects the town into its north (Right Bank or "Rive Droite") and south (Left Bank or "Rive Gauche") areas, has lengthy been an origin of the city’s economic, political, and artistic prestige. The 2 banks from the Seine have distinct personalities- the spacious boulevards and formal structures from the Right Bank and also the cultural and intellectual status from the Left Bank- which lead towards the diversity of the magnificent city. Veritas Christian Study Abroad is happy to work with local places of worship and missionaries to determine this nation and our students grow nearer to Jesus.

American Business School of Paris (ABSP) &

Institut Catholique de Paris (Catho)

Minimum GPA: 2.75 at ABSP & 2.5 in the Catho

Language Requirement: NONE (available to all levels)

Program Highlights

  • Courses in British
  • Courses with Locals
  • Housing with homestay family including meals
  • Mission work
  • Excursions incorporated
  • Intensive Language Terms
  • Gap Programs (publish senior high school study for credit)
  • No minimum Student Status needed.

Academic Overview

For semester and summer time programs, please visit the "courses" tab to acquire more information concerning each college in Paris. students will require one Veritas program course, the Worldwide Missions/Service-Learning Practicum, the three credit Veritas Course, and 3 or 4 other courses in the American Business School of Paris (ABSP). A French language course is needed for beginning language students.

For summer time programs, students will require the Worldwide Missions/Service-Learning Practicum and select among the following options:

Option A: Students focus exclusively on business and culture if you take two courses at 45 contact hrs each

Option B: Students combine one business or culture course (45 contact hrs) and something French language course (60 contact hrs)


Concerning The Preview Program


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