Paris teacher confesses to laying about islamist knife attack

Paris teacher confesses to laying about islamist knife attack ISIS claimed responsibility for that

Updated A free account provided by the preschool teacher in Aubervilliers, concerning the knife attack by a guy affiliated to Islamic Condition militant group (ISIS), was false—French government bodies learned today. The hoax was unveiled just hrs following the Minister of your practice started planning to improve peace of mind in schools.

A suspected attacker claiming to do something with respect to the Islamic Condition militant group (ISIS) stabbed men teacher inside a Paris suburb on Monday, based on French media reports.

The victim is really a teacher in the Jean-Perrin d’Aubervilliers school within the commune of Aubervilliers within the northeastern Parisian department of Seine-Saint-Denis. The suspect transported the attack as the teacher was alone within the classroom.

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The person yelled "This really is Daesh. This can be a warning," local prosecutors told AFP news agency. Daesh is definitely an Arabic acronym for ISIS.

The attacker showed up in the school with no weapon but used a box cutter he based in the classroom, AFP reported. He was outfitted inside a balaclava and painter’s overalls.

Within the November discharge of the group’s French-language magazine, Dar-al-Islam, the militant group known as because of its sympathizers to fight teachers within the French education system because they stated they’re “enemies of Allah” for teaching secular values.

The attacker was owning a box cutter and scissors and stays on the move, BBC news reported. The suspected attacker stabbed the teacher within the side and also the throat, police sources told this news site. The victim was come to hospital but his existence wasn’t at risk.

The anti-terrorism branch from the Paris prosecutor’s office has had within the analysis from local police and it is searching in the incident being an attempted murder. Searching team continues to be dispatched to obtain the suspect.

French Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem visited the Aubervilliers school following the attack, calling it an “act of effective gravity.” Following a Paris attacks in November, she’d known as for elevated security at schools.

France, which held regional elections on Sunday, remains inside a condition of high alert following the coordinated suicide bombing and shooting attacks in Paris on November 13 that left 130 people dead. ISIS claimed responsibility for that attacks.

A spokesperson for that Paris prosecutor’s office wasn’t immediately readily available for comment.

This information has been upgraded to incorporate recent developments for this story, following news reports just in.

Paris teacher confesses to laying about islamist knife attack French Education Minister NajatResourse:
Paris teacher confesses to laying about islamist knife attack French government

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