Paris Discover it, describe it

Their studies at NYU Paris

Paris: town of revolution, exhilarating tumult of art and spectacle, cosmopolitan crossroads, capital around the globe. French romanticist George Sand thought Parisians were “the most admirable individuals the world – grand, sublime, naïve, and generous.” Students who arrived at Paris enroll in a lengthy type of people to the town who lead to the fervent mix—its arts, its history, its politics—and result in the city their very own. “Paris is really a veritable sea,” Balzac authored. “Discover it, describe it…” At NYU Paris, the town is the classroom.

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The curriculum at NYU Paris concentrates on the word what, arts, history, literature, and politics of France and it is relationships using the wider world. A global-class faculty provides context and support for students’ academic work. Students having a limited background in French sign up for Program I, where all courses aside from language are trained in British. Students experienced in French take part in Program II, featuring a number of courses trained in French. A lot of students have a French language course appropriate for their level.

Paris museums like the Louvre

Coursework is enhanced by faculty-brought journeys around Paris, to world-famous museums like the Louvre and also the Musée Picasso in order to smaller sized galleries and exhibits, in addition to the opera, ballet, and theatre. Students get a College of Paris student card and could take courses in the College of Paris or in the Institut d’Études Politiques (Sciences Po). A lot of students are carefully advised upon arriving in Paris students who choose to take courses within the French college system receive additional individualized in-house tutorial assistance.


The Chainsmokers – Paris