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19 rue Crozatier, 75012 Paris, France
Telephone/Fax +() 1 53 17 04 61 

RSAP began in September 2002 having a pursuit to provide study abroad possibilities for current RSA upper-level undergraduate and graduated pupils. Choice for both semesters is created by application throughout the spring semester of the season before. Additionally for an advanced design studio on issues highly relevant to the program’s context, lectures, workshops and walking tours make up the foundation of an expansive course made up of many intense modules on history, theory, technology, and French culture and language, trained by leading French and European practitioners, historians, critics and theoreticians. Within the fall semester, the Totalization Studio is carried out it coordination using the Houston ones, however with the participation of leading French technical consultants. Early in the year semester, graduated pupils participate concurrently within the pre-thesis seminar with an advanced video-conferencing system using the Houston group. Students receive 16 credit hrs equal to an ordinary semester at RSA in Houston. Grain faculty augments the instruction of a few of these courses. Numerous study journeys of different lengths are organized each semester to go to significant architectural monuments in lots of metropolitan areas in France, including Lyon and Bordeaux, having a longer trip outdoors of France, planned during mid-term breaks to countries like Italia, The country, The other agents, Europe and also the Netherlands. Assistant Director Garry White-colored accounts for your day-to-day control over RSAP, supervised by Director John J. Casbarian. Read this great video in our students experience of the RSAP program.

The RSAP facility only accommodates the teaching functions from the program, with housing guaranteed for that students with an apartment rental agency and coordinated by RSAP. Found in the twelfth arrondissement close to the Faubourg Saint-Antoine, recognized for its design boutiques and galleries, RSAP is near to the Bastille Opera, Gare de Lyon and put plusieurs Vosges. Additionally towards the academic programs the fir,500 sq . ft . space can hold public exhibits, colloquia, and lectures. The well-outfitted facility provides students with the necessary tools to create work from the greatest caliber. RSAP may be the only Grain College satellite campus.

RSAP has become available to a really small group of remarkable students in other accredited architecture programs. Qualified, students should have completed four years of the Bachelor of Architecture program, with a minimum of 8 semesters of design studio, or 24 months of the beginning Master of Architecture Program having a minimum of 4 semesters of design studio. Accepted students are enrolled at Grain College in Houston as Visiting Students and pay normal tuition charges.

Please download this pdf which includes application instructions, a loan application form along with a recommendation form, and return the finished materials towards the RSA by October 31st 2015 for that Spring semester, or March first, 2016 for either semesters of the academic year 2016 – 2017. To download a poster concerning the program because it pertains to exterior students, please click here.


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