The 9 considerations to learn about likely to school in paris

Back before I dropped from college, I spent an academic year in the Université de Paris VII – Diderot, where I studied Linguistique Française, made about two French buddies, and essentially worked using the bullsh!t that it’s to try and transfer credits back to your house college. I’ve resided what it’s enjoy being students in Paris – from passing the Eiffel Tower every day on the 6 train to entering the incorrect classroom on the very first day of faculty. Oh, I’ve had the experience, and you’ll most likely exist, too. Your experience is going to be nothing beats those of america, but that is why you’re going right?


#1 Holiday Week

I only had college classes every Monday, Tuesday – partially since most courses in the College of Paris is one-time deals (no Monday/Wednesday/Friday business) and partially because I’m just an business genius. I am talking about, I’ve traveled with Eurail for heaven’s sake. Two times. But for individuals individuals who aren’t very gifted in fundamental adult motor skills like planning, even they barely have to try and make an incredible schedule because…France likes to possess a holiday getaway almost every other week…not such as the days once the college faculty was on strike.

Once we had the Monday after Easter time off, which yeah that occurs in america too, however we’d two days off for spring vacation, and so the next two Tuesdays next I did not have class either to many other reason why I certainly didn’t question. We even were built with a week off known as “la semaine de lecture” which in British means “reading week.” Believe me, the final factor I had been doing that week was studying. In fact, there is absolutely nothing to even read because,

#2 There isn’t any homework

From time to time you’ll possess a class that provides a hands-to do or perhaps a text to see, but there isn’t any “do exercises 2 and three on-page 65 as well as on page 87 do figures 1 through 5.” No, no, no, that’s far too organized for La Frahhhhhnce (just wait until you find out about registration). Every Tuesday morning, my psychology professor arrived to class and requested “What did we discuss a week ago?Inches then spoken by what we’d spoken about a week ago. Jean Piaget this, Jean Piaget that.

Going for a class that does not give homework has it’s benefits and drawbacks. The professionals being you have additional time to organize what club you’re likely to go that night…The cons because should you not study, you might fail every exam you take…

#3 The Moyenne


Grades in France could be a bit tricky because if you notice you have a ten from 20 on the test, you’d think this means the logical 50%, also referred to as a large, fat F. Not a chance. Since grades are from 20 (No “A, B+, C-”), they think about a 10 to become a C. Anything over a 15 or 16 is much like whoa, you believe you smart, huh?

Since all I needed to do was get the moyenne (10) in my courses to transfer to my American college as PASS, I ensured to a minimum of obtain the moyenne after which woke up out of thurr.

#4 Making French Buddies (or even better, Not Making French Buddies)

Likely to school in France isn’t like visiting your typical American college, in which you innocently ask someone for certificates and be best buddies through the finish from the semester. In France, students ain’t there to create buddies They’re gettin’ their milieu and gettin’ out! It normally won’t need you for that three (not four) years they’re going to school! In the event that doesn’t cause you to jealous enough, additionally they pay only like $500 a year…and they’re all stylish. No, really.

Although I’d made some nice French buddies within my classes (like two), sometimes I’d intentionally visit the library, to not study, however with the hopes that someone would see my electrical ripper tools in my laptop and get me “Oh, where are you currently from!?”

That never happened.

#5 Graph paper


Just a few days ago I had been offered normal, United States horizontal, lined paper, but how do i just turn my back on La France after becoming so familiar with 234235235098 lines on a single sheet of paper. In France, that they like lines. You don’t only possess the normal United States lines, but you might also need three extra small lines intersected with large vertical lines…and it’s what everybody uses.

#6 Registration frustration

Searching up classes online with the schedule, professor, and just what needs it fulfills okay there on one web site – how twenty-first century! Have no idea consider it in Paris. When registering within my université, a lot of students had to visit this room with  some from the class listings. There, if you are lucky, you’ve all of the necessary info in writing posters…for a couple of subjects like math, geography, or financial aspects.

But when you’re like the majority of students and check out expanding your horizons along with other subjects, you must see other structures and discover the area using the posters using the particular course listings…and then if you are a little really obscure classes, like British Grammar, whoaaaa individuals course listings can be found five metro stops away on the different campus. Convenient, non?

Therefore if that does not frustrate you sufficient, you can test to join up within 24 hours, but wait, don’t go anytime between 12pm and 2pm cuz employees is going to be taking their leisurely two-hour lunch break…and don’t bother going whatsoever on Wednesday, cuz apparently that’s your day all of them prefer to take an eight-hour lunch time. This doesn’t include days where you can find college strikes.

Whenever you do look for a convenient time to speak to among the advisors (finding who are able to register you is really a whole ‘nother blog), you best know what you would like to inquire about and anticipate to dish back a French tude. I believe that they like that.

#7 Lectures

In 75% of my courses, I most likely didn’t even say a thing, and that’s not because my French was just beginner-intermediate at that time. Theory is extremely appreciated in France,  so much that many French believe that you need to master the fundamentals before you begin speaking within an intellectual discussion concerning the subject. Talking about something have no knowledge about is frequently viewed as naive, unlike in the usa, in which a student-teacher discussion is definitely an everyday factor.

Although lectures are totally not my factor, I must state that my personal favorite two classes I’ve ever drawn in a brief history of my education were in the Université de Paris. Civilisation Américaine, where I had been the undercover American within the classroom, and Linguistique Française, where I finally learned wtf an immediate object, subject predicate, and gerund are.

#8 Attend Beaubourg


Your college library in Paris will likely very beautiful, very ornate, as well as very out-dated. Fortunately, Paris’ famous contemporary art museum, Center Georges Pompidou, also houses a famous contemporary library that trumps any library I’ve have you been too. I once spent each day at Beaubourg knocking out an investigation paper plus they been with them all: views of Paris, fast and free Wireless, a library café, and engaging Parisians. Also would you request?



CROUS, or Center régional plusieurs oeuvres universitaires et scolaires, is essential to as being a broke twenty-something who would go to school in Paris. Since diet plans aren’t a factor, you need to depend around the campus café, that is typically about 3x less how big your American college with 30x minus the choice. Componen contre, you have cheese paninis, green spinach and goat cheese quiches, croissants, and patisseries all in a broke university student budget of four to 7 euros.

Anything you do, just remember the Orangina.

[Photo Credit: La Sorbonne]


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