Top fashion schools in france: a fight for innovation

Top fashion schools in france: a fight for innovation there are fundamental academic

However, through the development of an optional 4th year in the EDLCS from 2016, IFM will have a way to recruit students which have, up to this time, been restricted to vocational certificates. “I think it is crucial that students have individuals type of possibilities. I am unable to yet state that the proper alliance between your IFM and EDLCS may be the visible area of the iceberg. But it's strong, it knows what it's doing which is paving the way in which for doing things better globally,” states Morand.

Possibly paradoxically, one of the reasons for that division may be the insightful craft heritage that also exists in France. Sitting in the apex of expertise, Paris’ savoir-faire maisons and high fashion ateliers require a constant stream of technically-skilled talent to fulfill “the companies and types [that] are people from the confederation, [who] haven't compensated focus on [the division] simply because they need atelier technicians,” Morand continues.

“A lot of cash continues to be provided to researching a really scientific approach in a condition level, across all greater education. In my opinion it is crucial the fashion education system and, more generally, the creative industry education system remain from that. There's a danger these universities would approach the problem with the concept that only research can make innovation. There is no need for greater education that is centered on creative arts to submit projects which are 400,000 words lengthy for instance,” states Morand.

Although Morand conceded that “there are fundamental academic concepts like going for a semester abroad that aren't offered at some schools,” he was quick to indicate that, “even with various programmes at different levels, France still attracts top students from around the globe.”

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