Ap french prep: 5 foolproof methods for getting your students exam-ready

Are the students prepared to rock the AP French Exam?

Could they be confident, relaxed and deeply in love with French?

Preparing your class for that exam could be demanding, mainly in the days and days prior to it.

For a lot of students and teachers, it may lead to difficulty sleeping.

We have all had the experience!

The key factor to keep in mind is the fact that being prepared for test is really a marathon, not really a sprint.

Last second preparation is a terrible strategy in case your students are wishing to attain a 4 or perhaps a 5 on D-day.

So here are a few teaching ideas will ready your students for that exam inside a sane, smart and healthy manner—year-round plus individuals final days and days.

Building AP-relevant material and techniques to your curriculum can make studying for that exam appear natural and like yet another part of learning and enjoying French holistically, as opposed to a chore.

So let’s get began!

AP French Prep: 5 Foolproof Methods for getting Your Students Exam-ready

1. Recreate full immersion, much like on test day

Turn your AP classroom right into a French-only zone.

The AP French Exam tests your students’ ability to talk with ease in French and also to show knowledge of in france they culture. The easiest method to provide them with a jump would be to eradicate British out of your classroom altogether.

This can force them to build up mechanisms to formulate their ideas using simpler structures, in addition to provide them with incentive to find information about and discover the words and patterns they will use most often.

Use French-language material.

ap french prep

Nothing beats the actual factor! If you are searching to recreate full immersion to prepare your students efficiently, steer them towards French content. Erik Orsenna’s “La Grammaire est une chanson douce,” for example, is really a fun, poetic and efficient source of researching French grammar.

Make technology your brand-new closest friend.

Should you can’t transport your AP classroom to France, have no fear! There are several fantastic technology tools that will turn your AP course right into a full-blown French-speaking atmosphere.

For instance, take a look at the Netflix choice of French movies and TED talks in French.

These sources increases your AP students’ French listening and understanding skills, therefore improving their pronunciation and speaking abilities not directly.

For a good way to find, organizing and applying the recording content available that’s the best and useful for your students, take a look at FluentU. FluentU takes real-world videos—like videos, movie trailers, news and galvanizing talks—and turns them into personalized learning training.


2. Give AP-oriented homework

Make homework extra time of the AP French classroom.

The objective of homework ought to be to extend full immersion past the arena of your AP course. Allow it to be count, making things simpler in your students because they build exam study in to the assignments they’re needed to complete.

For instance, if you are considering providing them with a summary of books and newspapers to see, select AP-friendly ones and discuss how you can potentially incorporate them to their AP essays and dental exams.

Incorporate homework to your students’ study routine.

To ensure that the above mentioned to work, homework needs to be regular.

Ideally, your students should devote thirty minutes a day to studying for that AP French Exam.

Homework will include a mixture of studying and exercises (e.g., targeted grammar, vocabulary or thematic points to prepare for the following class) and continuing prep and exercise (e.g., browsing French websites, studying French newspapers, watching French Television shows and practicing French conversation having a partner to make certain that everything “flows” on test day!).

It ought to be as much as students to arrange their schedules and see the amount of their French AP study ought to be for ongoing homework, however a good ratio is 30% exercises to 70% ongoing.

Quite simply, this means that every week your students should spend around an hour on homework assignments contributing to two-and-a-half hrs on ongoing study.

While it’s as much as your students organize their very own ongoing study, here’s you skill to assist them to by using it:

  • Print a regular monthly study curriculum having a suggested AP studying list: This really is to provide some extent of independence to your students whilst supplying some assistance with the things they can/should study inside a given month. The curriculum should enable students to organize their very own study activities ahead of your time and can include an introduction to what areas they ought to concentrate on.
  • Do an in-depth review of key grammar points before classes: This really is to maximise time spent in your AP classes. Grammar is crucial, but it’s best in case your students review difficult points by themselves after which arrived at class with specific questions. This will allow you to pay attention to more complex AP activities in addition to organizing AP multiple choice question sessions and mock tests.
  • Encourage AP exam self-testing: It is really an frequently neglected a part of studying for that exam. It’s vital that you make certain that the AP students are fully acquainted with the format from the AP test. Cause them to become spend a minumum of one day per week testing themselves in authentic exam conditions—that is, without any Internet, dictionary or outdoors assistance allowed!
  • Expose your students to AP-level French TV and news: Entertainment and news are frequently underrated as learning sources, but they’re a really efficient method to activate understanding! Compile a summary of AP sources and make certain that the students try them out every day. Some good ones are Canal Plus, France 5, Le Monde, Le Figaro, TV5, France 24 and Courrier Worldwide. These sources can help develop recognition patterns, aid recall skills and identification of recent words and increase contact with French culture. They’ll may also increase your students’ probability of stumbling upon a subject they might have a problem with on D-day.

3. Educate using the exam in your mind, and become conscious of the students’ limitations

Don’t push them as well hard.

Studying French is definitely an endless process, but attempting to be too thorough (covering everything) during AP exam year may be the best way to guide your students to worry and failure.

For instance, while a comprehensive exposé on France throughout the Dark Ages might be highly interesting and enriching from the cultural perspective, it might be overwhelming whether it forces your students to concentrate an excessive amount of their attention on a single area.

Rather, choose a balanced approach and think about integrating content associated with the state AP language and culture themes into your class.

Remember, accurate pronunciation is essential.

Pronunciation can produce a web site 4 along with a 5 or perhaps a 3 along with a 4! Make certain to invest 5 minutes per lesson reviewing tricky pronunciation. One method to get this to more efficient would be to take notes when students speak or read aloud, and highlight trouble spots.

Alternatively, you can introduce French tongue twisters and find out how good your students use them!

Circle back and verify that tips are mastered.

It isn’t enough to simply teach—you have to make certain that students have assimilated content wholly. An excellent activity to make use of at the outset of your AP French class is “Ce qu’on a appris cette semaine” (“What we learned this week”).

It is really an interactive review and review of essential points learned throughout the previous week—it enables students to construct knowledge of difficult concepts also it allows you to identify remaining trouble spots.

For instance, if during 1 week you’ve discussed immigration issues, the passé composé and email writing strategy, you can review these points again most of the following ways:

  • Ask students to provide a short presentation on immigration issues, including key details, stats and/or challenges outlined formerly.
  • Ask each student to create their very own sentence using the passé composé in order to correct an erroneous sentence while using right conjugations.
  • Ask your students in conclusion email writing rules by providing you concrete examples (openings, endings, items to avoid no matter what, etc.).

Test all skills as needed through the College Board.

And make certain to provide them with equal importance inside your teaching! Throughout the exam, students will need to demonstrate proficiency in speaking, writing, studying and listening. It’s crucial that you do not neglect these.

For instance, whenever you see a online video, you should increase the skills tested. Within this situation, it may be interesting to follow-up having a multiple choice questionnaire (listening), a fast Q&A session (speaking), an essay assignment (writing) along with a related article with connected questions (studying).

4. Let the creativity flow inside your prepping strategy

Forget flashcards, AP-level theme cards are what you want! 

The AP French Exam significantly is different from more conventional exams—students are anticipated to show proficiency equally in language and culture.

Make certain your students’ study materials go ahead and take cultural aspect into consideration. Accordingly, beyond fundamental flashcards, more extensive, information-rich theme cards should extract essential details and figures in addition to report findings and quotes that may enable them to navigate the multiple choice portion of the AP exam. Dealing with more in depth and culture-inclusive information will elevate the caliber of their essays and dental exams on D-day.

Introduce AP exam address books (répertoires). 

At any given time when smartphones make address books appear obsolete, these books have discovered new existence helping language learners master new words, idioms and sentence patterns.

Encourage your AP students to help keep one handy and add interesting elements as new records.

For instance:

  • A
  • activer (activate)
  • assiduité (assiduity)
  • aduler (adulate)
  • B
    • bafouer (to flout, defy)
    • blaguer (to joke)
    • A different way to make use of the répertoire would be to list records by theme.

      For instance, use I for immigration (immigration) and incorporate immigration-related words:

      • I
      • traverser la frontière (mix the border)
      • united nations passeur (people-smuggler)
      • intégration (integration)

      It’s as much as students to help keep their address book up-to-date and also to add their personal touches and findings, but certainly cause them to become make use of this tool like a practical reviewing option. It’ll make an impact within their AP year!

      5. Be an AP French Exam insider

      Result in the AP College Board website your preferred stop.

      This can be a gold mine for everything AP French Exam-related and a fantastic way to stay knowledgable. Pay special focus on the web pages focusing on…

      • Test format: Getting an introduction to the various parts of test is a terrific way to make you stay organized and make effective lesson plans.
      • Grading guidelines: It’s critical to understand might help your students score at the top of D-day.
      • Course and exam description: Like we stated at first, it’s a marathon, not really a sprint!
      • The AP French community: Potentially the best insider resource and perhaps an important method to exchange tips with fellow AP teachers.

      Spend some time in the Pearson’s AP French forum, too.

      This can be a private community for AP French teachers and AP students to exchange ideas, share study tips, inquire and much more. First and foremost, it’s an effective way for both you and your students to help keep the amount of commitment high all year round: The forum is populated with like-minded individuals who share goals, concerns along with a tie towards the AP French exam!

      Use social networking to your benefit.

      Once again, social networking is a terrific way to share AP study and teaching tips, find great teaching materials for the AP classes and to inquire about guidance whilst getting the support of the community.

      You’ll particularly love the “French” reddit: It’s a really active group of French loudspeakers, French teachers and French students. You can utilize it to inquire about specific AP French questions, or to inquire about broader feedback on more general points.

      Redditors are usually very involved and insightful, as well as their fresh perspectives might help bring your AP training one stage further!

      Now you understand how to help make your students’ AP French studies more effective, it’s time for you to implement these great ideas and employ these to make certain they score high in AP Exam.

      You can share this publish and exchange your personal best AP French prep tips!

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