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Based on Emory College’s General Education Needs (GER), each student must pursue study of the language apart from the student’s native language if you take eight credit hrs in one language past the student’s degree of preparation upon entering college. Students are anticipated to build up a knowledge of another language to boost their knowledge of other bands and cultures.

The word what dependence on the GER might be satisfied by

  1. taking two language courses at Emory,
  2. receiving transfer credit from another accredited institution in compliance using the rules for transfer credit, or
  3. getting a score of four to five around the language or literature Advanced Placement Test or perhaps a score of 5, six or seven around the Worldwide Baccalaureate Exam (that is credited as the same as one, 4-credit language course at Emory) after which using the appropriate consecutive course at Emory as determined in consultation using the appropriate language department.

To learn more concerning the General Education Needs, click the link: GER.

That Has To Accept EXAM? This placement test is perfect for incoming students and current Emory Students only. Individuals who’ve studied French before visiting Emory must take the internet placement test to find out which course is most effective for their abilities. Every other me is unauthorized.

What Exactly Is It? The internet placement exam is composed of a short survey and a number of multiple-choice questions that can take about twenty minutes to accomplish.

This exam is perfect for STUDENTS Who’re ENROLLED AT EMORY and won’t be evaluated if you don’t…

    Emory college What Exactly Is It

  1. incorporate your Emory ID and email, and/or
  2. answer all queries to the very best of what you can do and/or
  3. complete laptop computer area of the exam as completely and precisely as you possibly can, supplying calendar years when and where appropriate.

NB: In France They Placement Exam will be finished in compliance using the provisions established within the Emory College Recognition Code, and each student who pertains to and it is recognized by Emory College, like a condition of acceptance, concurs to follow the provisions from the Recognition Code as long as she or he remains students at Emory College.

Sections 4 (c) and 4 (d) from the Recognition Code cite the next kinds of academic misconduct as cause for reprimand or expulsion:

(c) Seeking, using, giving, or acquiring unauthorized assistance or information in almost any academic assignment or examination

(d) Intentionally giving falsehoods to professors or instructors with regards to gaining academic advantage. This could include giving any false solutions around the survey area of the placement exam.

You’re therefore likely to complete in france they Placement Exam individually, without the aid of others, and also to complete it to the very best of what you can do.

By ongoing out of this page towards the actual Placement Exam, you instantly accept and re-affirm your pledge to follow the Recognition Code of Emory College.

How Can I BE NOTIFIED OF MY OFFICIAL FRENCH PLACEMENT (OFP)? You will get an e-mail in the Department of French and Italian before you decide to sign up for courses. You need to reserve it, print a duplicate and offer it for your teacher the very first day of sophistication. Students without OFPs who’ve never studied French in the Atlanta campus will have to drop classes unless of course proper documentation is supplied.

How Do You LOGIN Towards The EXAM? Click the link below and go into the password:


password: eagles1 (all lower situation with no space)

Resourse: http://french.emory.edu/undergrad/

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